Thursday, 29 May 2008

Huntorama: Stringer Mausoleum & Shrine

Helena Stringer is having brilliant hunt with items for both men and women at the Stringer Mausoleum & The Stringer Shrine "Links Lost Rupees Hunt" on May 30th-June 8th.

Those of you who love dressing your avatar in a fantasy style will especially love this hunt - really creative fun stuff to be found here. Helena kindly dropped me a preview of some of the goodies you can find. It took me ages to put these looks together, I had so much fun but I'm sure you could be more creative than me.

Hexar Horns & Skin, Creepy Spiders, Pale-Gothic Princess and eyes, Stringer Mausoleum & The Stringer Shrine
Hair: Boon (free)
Womens Latex Catsuit: Latex Catsuit: KCreations (free in lots of colours, also mens available for free)

Deconstructed Hat, Tribal Coming of Age skin, citrus eyes: Stringer Mausolem Hunt
Cross Earring: Sey (free group gift in store)
Latex Catsuit: Latex Catsuit: KCreations (free)

Mens Crying Spider skin, Lizard Free Mohawk, creepy spiders, eyes: Stringer Mausolem Hunt Double anti brow piercing: Nomine (20L - loooads of facial piercings there for only 20L each!!)


Helena's Peacock lashes are so over the top and fabul, they demand a close up

Anenome -MF Rainbow Hair, Pale-Face Doodles skin, Peacock lashes, creepy spider pets: Stringer Mausolem Hunt
Latex Catsuit: KCreations (free)
Double anti brow piercing: Nomine (20L - loooads of facial piercings there for only 20L each!!)

When I tried these head adornments from the Stringer hunt, I felt marine-like and instantly had the urge to be a mermaid, so off I went on a mermaid adventure and I discovered a beautiful underwater haven at Bonny Cove (found the lovely free mermaid items there too which I also wearing)

Rock Critter Hat and Peach-Sparkle Dust Blue skin: Stringer Mausolem Hunt
Female Mermaid outfit: Malaika Mermaids (0L and includes shape (not worn), tail, fins and great AO)

Space Fish Hat and Male Crying Spider skin: Stringer Mausolem Hunt
Male Mermaid outfit: Malaika Mermaids (0L and includes shape and skin (not worn), tail, fins and great AO)

Mer Gold outfit, free outside the Sirens store
Bonny Cove
Phoebe Hair in Caramel Blackened: ETD (1L or free)

Helena has kindly uploaded some pics to Flickr of a few other items you can find on her hunt, click these pics for a close up and more info.

FreeStyle-Links Lost Rupees Hunt 11 FreeStyle-Links Lost Rupees Hunt 2
The hairstyles and skins worn in the above two photo's can be found in the hunt, (not the outfits), click on the pic for more info on the free outfits worn.

More Info copied from Helena's notecard

"Link was passing through my forest, and it seems his pouch of rupees had a hole. Now it is your task to collect them all up!

This will take place at the main HQ spot, on the whole lot, both levels, in Lyashko, at the Stringer mens store and grounds at Mapinguari, and also at my sister's store and grounds at the same site, just walk out of the mens store and you'll see hers!

In the folder with this notecard is a sample of the colours and sizes of the rupees (NOTECARD WILL BE PASSED TO THE FREE*STYLE AND STRINGER GROUP). Wear it to see the sizes that you are looking for. The largest is the green, next blue,red, then lastly gold. The type of rupee determines the type of gift. Here is a rundown:

Greens: 3 mens-skin&hair, 7 unisex-hair&eyes 10 womens-skin&hair
Blues:, 2 unisex-odd items, 4 womens-complete avitar&skin
Reds: 8 unisex-pets/hair/horns3 womens-eyelashes/hair/hat
Golds: L$100 gifttcard, L$250gifttcard, L$400gifttcard

Now the gold rupees are brought out at random, one each day of the hunt. Sometimes it may be more, like the first day, and after that whenever I want to put out extra. Join my group"Stringer's followers-info group" to know how many on which day, and how much it is.

The gold rupees will only be hidden in my actual stores, just so it's a bit easier to find, rather then it being the WHOLE grounds. So just the Shrine, Mausoleum and the Mens stores.

Hunt Locations:
The Stringer HQ's
The Stringer Men's store
C&D Designs

If you want to bring a friend and help each other find stuff thats great, but for the sake of the rest who might want to enjoy, please don't yell out where the rupees are. Also if someone is desperate to find something, don't answer by shouting, just im them, if you know where it is.

I am willing to give out hint, to my group if you are in it. Just open the group chat, and I'll give you a hint. You have to ask nice though.

Hint: You can find one of the lost rupees somewhere near the cherry tree, at C&D designs. It is a Special Edition hair, not to be resold!

Happy Hunting
Helena Stringer"


Adaire DeCuir said...

GREAT pics Creamy!! Oh wow!!

Eliza Wrigglesworth said...

Holy crazy crap Batwoman! That stuff is to DIE for. I'm not going to work tomorow so I can make sure I spend as much time as possible in these places! Hahaha!!! I lurf ur blog :)

*Edit- Ok, so I'm just gonna "get sick" at lunch and not go back LOL

Ashia Tomsen said...

awesome awesome stuff!

Latex Fetish said...

Great and dashing pictures....

Latex Fetish said...

Great and dashing pictures....