Thursday, 29 May 2008


I loves hunts like woa! The Piece Of Candy hunt is dead easy, and the prizes are kyoooot! As soon as I saw the first outfit, I knew exactly how I wanted to wear it!

Also another good excuse to drag out my fave hair from CreamShop, it's not free but comes with 4 different options in the pack, so well worth it!
Next up is a super sweet outfit from ITSF. The skirt comes in two colours, gotta love options!

I was just wandering a sim when I came across this store, and what a nice surprise it was!

I'm also happy to bring you an outfit from a relatively new designer. Jennylynn Capalini owns the Peeps store. I was lucky enough to meet her and have a chat, she's lovely and put up with my inane questions very patiently lol. I was totally devoid of caffeine at the time XD! She has a freebie wall in her store that she plans to add to weekly. The top and skirt are just two examples of what you can find there.

And last, a couple of dresses I found thanks to a tip in the comments. I think it was from Eden (will go back and check!) *Edit: It was Eden Knoller who left me the tip...thankyooo Eden! There are four yummy dresses to be had from Fumi.

I've just shown two of them here. They have system skirts, so once again I took my eyesight in my hands and braved the new rc for you!! They really are lovely and I'm amazed that they're

We really are very lucky in Phil's Place, we can be who we want and escape the mundane and look amazing while doing it thanks to our generous designers. Huge huggles to all the designers I have shown today, either for your freebs or full priced shtuff. I heart yooooooos!

Piece of Candy


Juicy (not free)

Ringpop Ring
Digital Tramp (not free but hell fun doncha think!)

Cream Shop (not free)

Outfit 2

Outfit 3

(there is only one landing point in the sim. You will need to walk around and look for the Fumi store :)


Amethyst McMahon said...

That's some funky outfit, Ashia!
I lurve outfits where ya boobs are in danger of spillin' out all over the place! LOL

Cheri Pye said...

Aw Ashiiia, you look stunningly cyoot. That hair is one of my favs of all time :D Good 'ol CS!

Ashia Tomsen said...


Anonymous said...

Ashia, where did you get that faabbb skin from, is that a redgrave?


Ashia Tomsen said...

no anon it's an Ashia Designs skin, but am flattered you think it looks like Redgrave lol.

Anonymous said...

Ashia! Omg you sell these skins? I want I want, it looks fantastic!

And yes I thought it was Redgrave because of the detailed front bone structure / shading.

Dooo you have a shoop?


Ashia Tomsen said...

yus below is my main store slurl

and ty again for the compliments