Thursday, 31 January 2008


Boree Vella sent me a lil IM yesterday about some new free goodies at Bijou. This store is pure sex, everything about the clothes textures, the lighting - ooozes it. BoRee has featured more beautiful clothes at Bijou in her blog About Face, check it out.

Less about sex, more about the clothes...take a lookie.

This exquisite little number is the free Diva dress, it comes in 5 colours each with a co-ordinating peacock feather stole.



and not only that, this beautiful cape, gloves and corsage too


Skin: Minnu FashCon Free Gift
Hair: Truth Berri (1L)

Also free in store is the 'jealous' shirt which comes in 6 colours and the free 'poison' dress which I have blogged previously in this post

Sammie and I went through the Fashion Consolidated notices from freebie day yesterday, some designers kindly sent there goodies direct to the group. Here are some of our faves.

Jealousy top, Bijou (free in store)
Caliente Express Jeans (FashCon Group Gift)
Caliente Express Wuvme Skin (Fashcon Group Gift)
Artilleri Earrings (Fashcon Group Gift)
Hightops: Darkstar Designs (not free but half price in sale)

Bianca Latex Dress (Fashcon group gift)
Bewitched Hair (Fashcon Group Gift)
Metallic Tights (G.L.A.M, free group gift)
Skin Minnu (Fashcon group gift in store)

as above

Hair, Bewitched Fashcon group gift
Caliente Express Wuvme skin (Fashcon group gift)
Pearls (Fashcon group gift)


Punch Drunk Glam Rock Dress (Fashcon group gift)
Hair, Skin and Metallic Tights as above

Yoko Hair: Crimson & Clover (Fashcon group gift)
CKS Designs Swing Sweater (Fashcon group gift)
/UNISEX Jeans: Callie Cline (Fashcon group gift)
Skin as above

Join the Fashion Consolidated group if you haven't already and then look at through the group notices for all these goodies, most of them are dated 1/30. These will remain in the notice archives for 30 days.

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BoRee Vella said...

creamy + bijou = pure sex!