Thursday, 31 January 2008

Fave's from FashCon Day

Well, I know this Freebie day on Fashion Consolidated group got a bit stressful with the shoppers/store owners. Lots of lag, etc along with SL being unstable in general which didn't help matters, but the idea was fantastic and thanks to everyone involved.

Myself and some friends had an unpleasant incident in a store (which shall remain nameless but will never be featured in this blog). We were stranded there unable to TP, worried about relogging incase we couldn't get back online again. So what do you do? You dance about, morph your shape and dress silly - not harming anyone, until things stabilise again. Well, we were ejected from the premises with no warning and banned, and apparently reported to LL, (really, I think they have more concerns with the grid stability than a few people doing gestures in a store, so good luck with that).

Thankfully this is not a store I ever visit, otherwise I would be devastated. This is one of the things I dislike about SL, some people taking it too seriously and lacking a sense of humour (remember, first and foremost - it's a game, it's supposed to be fun!!) The only custom this store will have lost from this incident is mine and everyone I know, even though Creamy doesn't spend much money, I spend LOTS on my alts - I could have become a devoted customer. Maybe a lady on a power trip should think about that! A polite warning to stop would have been sufficient!! If the person involved is reading this, feel free to leave a comment, I'd be interested to hear what you have to say on the matter.

I didn't manage to pick up many items in the end as I was having difficulty TPing, but the good thing for me that came out of yesterday was this adorable IDEWTSYA dress free from Big Booty Big Money and the free skins from Minnu.

(Shoes by ZHAO, not free)

The beautiful brow jewels worn here are free at Demoiselles (click on the pic for a close up)


Hair: Berri by Truth (1L)
Dress: BBBM (Free), still available at the time of posting so get it quick!!
Pale Skin: Minnu (Free), still available at the time of posting so get it quick!!
Brow Jewels: Demoiselles (Free)


Reverse Writer said...

I'm sure that shop owner is just kicking herself because a bunch of people unwilling to spend more than a Linden for clothes will no longer be shopping there. Maybe if you freebie obsessives bought something now and then, people would be less apt to kick you out when you show up, take free stuff and then loiter about being gesturetards.

And nice threat about your alts. If your main account is this cheap, who's gonna believe your alts are any more spendy?

Nat Paderborn said...

Firstly, how remarkably rude. This is one of my favorite SL fashion blogs because Creamy and Co. never descend to the levels of cattiness so many other bloggers fall prey to, and that you've displayed here.

Secondly, freebie hunter benefit shops in two very important ways - we drive up the almighty traffic rating, and we frequently buy other, full price items if we like what we see. Some people freebie hunt because they can't or won't pour real life resources into Second Life items. Others do it for the thrill of a good bargain. You would do well not to snottily look down your nose at those who like to look good for cheap. It's not a flattering angle.

Creamy Cooljoke said...

Pffft, you don't know me at all!!

FYI Creamy is NOT my main account. I have a fully paid up main account plus a couple of others which I spend money on, good SL designers make a lot of money out of me in my various forms.

Thanks for your comment and I reiterate. SL is for FUN..seems to me Reverse, you are one of those who take yourself way too seriously (I wonder who you really are? hmmmmm). Take your snobby, judgemental bitterness somewhere else!

ava volare said...

I spent well over $2k in lindens while teleporting to all the different shops picking up the "freebies" during the Fashcon Rez Day Freeday event. However, if shopkeepers have this kind of attitude, I'll be more than happy to keep my lindens to myself from now on.

Creamy Cooljoke said...

Thank you Nat!

I knew when I posted this that I would get at least one response like Reverses. I kinda asked for it :D

Andria Meredith said...

Well said, Creamy and Nat. I'm an avid member of the Free*style group and blog-reader, but I spend thousands on regular-priced items in SL. Example, I just bought my 5th skin from Iki's Dutch Touch-- how did I find them? A freebie Creamy wrote about!!

Keep doing what you do, Creamy. The majority of us love it. <3

olivia said...

creamy, you are obviously a terrible human being. i mean. pixel being. whatever. eeeevillllll! me, i like to drop a lot of cash, so that makes me, um, albert schweitzer or something.

Eidolon Aeon said...

"If your main account is this cheap, who's gonna believe your alts are any more spendy?"

*cracks up*

The great thing about FashCon Day was finding all of the great places I hadn't known about. Now I have even more places to spend my Lindens. Minus one now, when I get Creamy to whisper the name of that shop in my ear.

It really isn't very good business practice to kick your customers out. (And during a high-profile event highlighting designers' generosity? What was she thinking?) It can build a pretty bad reputation, and that's about all a business person has to go on in SL.


Anonymous said...

I had a blast running around on FashCon Rez day, picking up freebies and checking out shops I might not have seen otherwise. I don't get the freebies just to have something to wear--my inventory is jammed with clothes and skins and hair, some fairly expensive for SL. I get freebies to see if I like the designer's work. And, if I do, I Vill Be Back. Sometimes, on a freebie goto, I see some other item I just must have right then-- and I definitely did yesterday.

So-- thanks to FashCon for making this all possible, and thanks, many thanks, many many many thanks to the many designers and shops for showing us your work and letting us have something for free if we wanted! A great experience for everyone, IMO.

Anonymous said...

Uh, as a person who has well over 20K of bought and paid for items in my inventory - i can say that I happily freebie hunt with the best of them and bought several items while out freebieing. If YOU have issues about freebies and your belief system about them (i.e. that freebie hunters do not spend any mony and therefore are some kind of "gesturetards") then that is YOUR problem.

Frankly I was sadly disappointed in some of the designers being so chintzy with presenting their freebies for such a short span of time or such limited quantities. Honey herself had specifically requested that people offer things for at least one full day (remember time zones people) and in enough quantities for everyone.

Sadly this wasn't done and not everyone was able to enjoy the day

I am very happy and grateful for the gift givers but I think a little more thought could have gone into it.

And you, Reverse Writer, are a jerk.

Cheri Pye said...

First of all nobody has to apologise for the amount of freebies they collect, or justify their weight in lindens!

Reverse, your stuck up snide comments speak volumes about you! Take your Amex & shove it where the 'windlight' sun don't shine!

Lol, furthermore it's quite likely that you're using a 'throwaway' alt/bot's name to answer this post!! Please grow a spine.

Alicia Chenaux said...

That really was a very very rude comment by Reverse, but we wouldn't be bloggers if we didn't know how to handle criticism, right? :)

I had SO MUCH FUN yesterday! And I was really surprised to see how many "big names" were out there fighting lag and having fun with the rest of us! It was amazing getting to meet some of my favorite designers, and collecting landmarks to stores that I'd never heard about before. Although my challenge in SL is to not spend much, when I DO spend on my investment pieces, at least I now have a lot of new stores to play at! :)

Valryn Vandeverre said...

Well. To be honest, I am pretty sure that shop owner IS kicking herself. We are not simply talking about a small collection of freebie obsessive 'geturetards' after all.

We are talking about a fairly large group of people from all walks of SL life.

I love Freebies! I love to find them I love to wear them, I love to tell people where I found them and share that, I love to LOVE something free and turn to the shop in wonder of what hidden treasure I might find in its walls.

I love Freebies so much, I make them and give them away. Not to charge for them, but to share in what I can offer to others that enjoy the same thing.

As a shop owner myself. I can tell you this Reverse writer. I would rather close my shop down, and never do more than make my own gear again, then to treat a group of valuable customers that way.

But then, I'm not here to make a buck. I'm here to enjoy myself and part of that is watching people get enjoyment of the things I make and offer.

It is of course within the right of this shop/sim owner to boot and ban anyone causing a disturbance. But it is also their responsibilty as a respected business establishment to first request for the disturbance to stop. Its a shame this particular woman/shop did not attempt that in the first place.

Her loss. Indeed

Anonymous said...

Reverse represents all I dispise about SL!! First of all this is a game for most people, I understand that some people actually make a living off SL but to be fair they should at least take into account that SL is meant to be fun not run with all these boring rules and regulations!! This way of playing the game may well give Reverse and his type the "power" lacking in his RL existence. Its a shame that people get abusive when avatars using gestures getting a laugh are seen as some kind of threat. I vote that gesturetards remain in SL forever!! I am one and I'm proud!

CeNedra said...

Now why does "reverse writer" read and post in freebie blogs if he/she disapproves of freebie shoppers? I'm so confused.

As for freebie shoppers not spending money, I think many of of us find freebie and 1L shopping to be a challenge.

I felt the same high yesterday as my guy friends do when they come back from their combat whacha-call-it's (yes yes guys I pay attention when you tell me about shooting zombies...honest I do).

Another benefit is when I"m asked "Where can I find a good guy's kilt" I can say "I know just the place because I got a freebie there last week".

And lastly, it's fun and last time I checked that's what I"m here for.

Creamy Cooljoke said...

Thanks for your responses on this topic y'all. I hope reverse writer (no payment info on file) will take all this into consideration next time she passes judgement.

I am going to change my group title to 'Gesturetard & Proud' (sorry - don't think I can fit 'Cheapskate' in there too.

Smooches xx

Anonymous said...

Hi Creamy! 1st i wanted to say that your blog is wonderful and i am reading it every day,i hope u'll keep up the good work for a long long time. Ahh the Fashcon day was amazing, except the lag i fel happy - it was like christmas time or birthday, when many friends are giving gifts. i'm really thankful to all designers up there. If u have the money u can just go and buy what you want(i'm payment info on file hehe), but hunting freebs are more fun, especially good quality ones, everyday iam thrilled when i receive notices from free*style group, cuz almost all of the items are very good, yeah i can agree with valryn - i just love wearing freebies, get compliments abt the free outfits, and if someone asks me where i have found them i never refuse to answer:)<3

cheapy mcfreebie said...

we're proud to be cheapskates. ;)

ps...reverse writer, you are mean.


mooki junkers said...

Anyone that would eject and ban someone without warning for doing what comes naturally (gesturtarding) is just a big meanie.


Anonymous said...

awww I ran into you while at this store where we were stuck ...I thought you were hilarious .. It wasnt bothersome, but it sure was funny to see people enjoying one of Sl's uggh moments not being able to TP instead of complaining about it...You were entertaining the people stuck in the store and I'm sure they got plenty of traffic that day... poopers

Sorry I'm anonymous .. This is my first posting .. I will look into how to sign up

Sherpa said...

Same old story. Sigh. Like Creamy,I created Sherpa so I could blog freebies. I have not one, but FOUR other alts that spend like their lives depend on it.Many new people don't want to spend money right away until they see if they like the game and if they see things they like to buy.If I had a linden for every time I've been gathering a freebie,saw a pair of shoes I like and said, "oooh, I can't wait to send Esmeralda back here...."