Monday, 24 December 2007

Happy Kissmass from Free*Style xx

I just wanted to wish you all very Merry Christmas. I've had such fun writing this blog and with the Free*Style group in-game and long may it continue. I would also like to thank the designers who have given away their fabulous creations, we all appreciate your generosity.

A VERY BIG WELCOME TO NEW FREE*STYLE BLOGGER CHERI PYE, I love her quirky style and I'm looking forward to seeing what she will come up with next.

This will probably be my last post of Christmassy outfits this year. I've found some fun and cute goodies which are perfect. Differ*nt are giving away to their group this cosy winter hat with hair, in 4 colours and short or long length hair attached.


Also Differ*nt have this cheeky pair of long 'Dongipani' shorts in the group (also see Cheri's post about these). I just know these shorts will be pulled out of my inventory regularly from now on (if I can ever find them again that is).


Worn with yummy tights and jumper which were part of a group gift from Persona and these amazing Santa Boots free from Unique Needs, I totally love these! Remember to grab the other 12 free goodies around the tree at Unique Needs.

The skin worn in these pics is by 'Another Shop', I think Eloh has gone mad. She is giving away all of her skins free now, FULL PERMS!!!!. rock and you are Crazay!! It takes one to know one :)



Eisa and Sammie got themselves kitted out in some festive gear too.


If you click these free stockings from Schadenfreud you get all kinds of fun gifts, including these baubal (babal, ballball...gahh whatever! tree ornament thingies, LOL!) Antlers. So many other amazing free goodies to be found here at Schadenfreud too.


Eisa's HOT and SEXY Reindeer outfit is free under the Xmas tree at Luxurious World. So if your guy is in a rush for a silly outfit for Crimbo, send him here.

Thanks so much for everyone's lovely comments regarding this blog and the Free*Style group. It's all been quite overwhleming actually, I really didn't expect Free*Style to become as popular as it has. As long as it remains fun I'll keep doing it :D

Merry Crimbles and a Happy New Year to you all! I'm off to bite a carrot and put some pretend snow by the fireplace. I musn't forget to take a bite out of a mince pie and a shot of brandy too. All to fool my kids into thinking Santa has been (oops, I hope I didn't spoil it for the Santa believers out there...Soz!)

Enjoy and take care you guys!
<3 Creamy


Azia said...


Much <3 and happy holidays to everyone! ~Azia

Tenshi Vielle said...

I really, really thought the title of this post said "Kiss my ass". I guess that wine I had earlier still hasn't left me! *snort,giggle*

kiejinn said...

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to Creamy and all the Free*Stylers :)

It's a great, useful, friendly group, and I've enjoyed being part of it :)

<3 Kie

Dot Lane said...

Merry Christmas Creamy!

Cheri Pye said...

Thank you sooo much for the welcome Creamy, Yay :D