Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Hair Fair 2103: Nitty Gritty - The Best Gifts (pt 1)

Hair Fair 2013 is in full swing. The big crowds have dissipated and you can easily navigate the 4 sim wide event. The sims have been split into three parcels, each one is using the non visible attributes of SL so that you cannot see people in the other parcels and the buildings are all phantom so that you can slip in through the walls if the entry to one is crowded.  The hair is fantastic this year, especially mesh styles as they are now so fully integrated into our wardrobes. Today I am going to concentrate on what I thought were some of the best gifts (0 - 1 L) at the fair.  There were lots of gifts this year and the quality varied. Some were very current, while others were older styles with old textures and/or flexis, so there is something there for everyone's taste. I spend a lot of money at Hair Fair every year and see gifts as a chance for me to become acquainted with a designer's work and the good ones are worth the search. 
One of my very favorites is Alison from EMO-tions (Sim 1 - Cloud).  It comes in two colors and includes the hairbase.  It's not mesh nor should it be.  The textures are really great.  My necklace, from HANDverk, is a new release for the final round of Zodiac.  The Zodiac version is available in 5 colors at a discounted price of L$150. They are 100 % original mesh and textures (I watched Daphne make them so I can vouch!) making it a steal for a one of a kind item. 
eep's gift for Hair Fair (Sim 3 - Brickness) is a fantastic mesh style that has optional bows that change color.  This style is mesh and the textures and sculpting is impeccable.  It comes only in green but it's a really fun green that I do not see around a lot.  Just on that point, it's a keeper.  My woodland necklace from Deco is currently available at Collabor88.  Deco is another brand that does all it's own sculpting and textures in-house and I'm fussy, so I like that.  I adored Sn@tch's new Pop Violence Bustiers and you get all colors in the size of your choosing.  Love them, Ivey!
Another fantastic mesh gift is Ann from Due (Sim 2 - Port).  It is a two tone pink style that can be worn with both casual and dressy looks.  I just wanted to note that it is rigged and cannot be resized and I did have to adjust my forehead (losing all my brains) and my ear angle but both were easy fixes.  The lovely jewelry set is a Hair Fair gift from Zibska (also on Sim 2).  Zibb Scaggs' gift was so generous and included a full set of eye shadows in addition to the jewelry.  Thank you!  The top is a hunt gift I recently found at Auxillary for the Fist Pump Hunt and comes in both Sky and Copper (really nice! TY Tyr).  Auxillary also gave a very generous clothing gift at Hair Fair (Sim 4 - Harbour) though I've not gotten around to shooting that yet.  My shorts, though you can barely see them are from Sn@tch and are for the Dark Katz hunt. It includes a fat pack of leopard print mesh shorts in all kinds of colors.  Again, Ivey rocks!
Last on my list for today is Janetta from Miamai (Sim 3 - Brickness) .  Janetta is a nice banded ponytail that is to be worn with a hairbase. It comes in 6 colors (both "normal" and "fun" colors) and includes matching hairbases and a HUD to change the color of the hair bands.  Awesome gift - thank you, Monica!  The Gouchi earrings are a gift from Herve Faenzo (also Sim 3), who had some of my favorite hairs at the event.  The oversized earrings include a hud so that you can change both the metal and stone textures.   My outfit, which shown here does nothing to show how awesome it is is part of a two outfit subscriber gift from Hucci. Ebony Khan has been releasing one sexy mesh item after the next lately and the gift includes special colors of her two newest releases.  A tip about the subscriber - you cannot retrieve previously sent items if you are a new subscriber so my advice is to subscribe and do not leave.  You can get recent gifts for a period of time if you are a current subscriber.

Hair Fair is primarily a fundraiser for Wigs for Kids.  It is not a freebie event and I personally spend generously at the event.  Each designer is required to give at least 15% of the proceeds from each sale to Wigs for Kids, though I saw most designers voluntarily donating higher percentages.  Everything you need to know about the charity, store locations, maps, and so forth can be easily found on the official Hair Fair 2013 website.  I've provided the sim location (above) of each gift to get you started.  Enjoy!

Skin: All skins: Glam Affair
Poses: a combination of poses from Ploom's Hair Fair gift (Sim 2) and Diesel Works monthly free gifts, which are ossum.
Photo 1:
Hair: EMO-tions: Allison (HF gift)
Necklace: HANDverk: Lion Tail Necklace - currently available at Zodiac for discounted price
Tank: Eaters Coma: Slashed Tank (not free)
Shorts: erratic: Jessy: Studded Shorts (not free)
Photo 2:
Hair: eep: Hair 012 (HF gift)
Necklace: Deco: Woodland Necklace: currently available at Collabor88
Top: Sn@tch: Pop Violence Bustier: new release
Photo 3:
Hair: [Due] Ann (HF gift)
Jewelry: Zibska: Fleurette Set (HF gift)
Tank: Auxillary: Boho Backless (sky) - Fist Pump Hunt
Shorts: Sn@tch: Feline Leopard Shorts - Dark Katz Hunt
Photo 4:
Hair: Miamai: Janetta Hair (HF gift)
Dress: Hucci: Rouen Dress: July Subscriber gift