Wednesday, 24 April 2013

A Love Letter To Free*Style

A gift from Valentina E.  Hit the subscribo at the main location to get yours.

About three years ago I became a blogger for FREE*Style. It was a BIG deal.  I harassed Creamy rather relentlessly to get involved.  After she spoke to the other bloggers, the cool kids let me in the club house!  I was so thrilled and nervous putting together my first post.  FREE*Style was (and is!) the big leagues.  It sounds silly but I sort of felt I had 'made it' in our strange little SL fashion world.

Over time my SL pursuits have changed. I've continued to focus on my BDSM project at The Dominion Femdom, but my partner and I decided to close Vinyl Cafe last summer, which some of you may remember. The biggest change to my SL has been starting my original mesh clothing brand, Valentina E.  It's eaten up all my extra SL time and I no longer am able to blog for FREE*Style the way I used to.  So I've realized it's time to move on and relinquish my spot to the talented new ladies who are bringing you the finds regularly. They are doing an amazing job, don't you think?

As I designer I plan to continue to support FREE*Style, mainly through Shop FREE*Style (you can grab tons of inexpensive and high quality items in this wonderful shop put together by the FREE*Style team).  I want to thank Creamy and everyone at FREE*Style who were so kind and fun to work with. I'd like to especially thank Sileny who has looked out for me, kindly IM'd me when I made a mistake or offered help whenever I needed it. FREE*Style has never been about competition or pettiness, not between the ladies or with other fashion blogs. It's simply been about fun and fashion.  I am so proud to have been a part of it.  Long may it continue.

Thank you everyone!  I'll see you out on the grid....

Eva xxxx