Monday, 22 April 2013

HANDverk: New Gifts / New Store (now with correct SLURLS!)

HANDverk has opened a stunning, new flagship store and created the perfect showcase to highlight their creative genius.  Disclaimer: I am their assistant and unashamed official fan-girl.  I first met them at the last Chic Management Culture Shock event and it was love at first sight.  I blogged and purchased numerous items before I began to assist them. The design team of Tobias Convair and Daphne Klossovsky create some of the freshest, unusual mesh content on the grid.  What I particularly appreciate about their work is that every item is 100% original - they create the 3D models, textures, etc.  They are the Real Deal.  Tobias also created our beloved new Free*Style store, which is now available as a prefab at their mainstore.
The HANDverk update group has a really great group gift.  The group costs L$500 to join but you recoup your cost with the first gift which consists of a table and chair.  The group also offered discounts on purchases and monthly Flash Sales, where an item will be significantly reduced in price for a limited time, exclusively for group members. I am a huge fan of Mid-Century Modern furniture and one of Tobias' specialties is bringing some of the masterpieces of that era to SL.  The first item is a Nelson Pedestal Table.  The table was created by George Nelson in 1954 for Herman Miller, one of the leading manufacturers of mid-century furniture.  The table came in several sizes and this was the largest one.  It is stylish and practical and remains a popular table to this day.  The chair was created by Mies van der Rohe (who was also a pioneer of modern architecture) in 1926.  It is commonly known as the MR and was created in a period when designers were moving away from the stuffy furniture of Victorian times. It is an early example of cantilever metal framing and the original chair looked like this one, with a continuous seat and back of woven cane.  Often you see this chair in leather with a separate seat and back.  The chair has several sits for men and women and is adjustable.
If for some reason you just can't swing the $L500 to join the group, HANDverk also has a subscriber group and updates their gift a couple times a year.  Right now the subscriber gift is a hammered metal cuff that commemorate one of Daphne Klossovsky's favorite shows.  It might be some of yours, too.
Here are some photos of the new HANDverk mainstore.  You can also see the group gift chairs displayed there in the atrium. The store is designed as an ultra-modern warehouse and has two main sections: lifestyle and home items by Tobias Convair and avatar accessories by Daphne Klossovsky.
If you still want to know more about HANDverk they are featured in this month's Avenue Magazine.  You can read it online and as an added bonus there is a picture with my bewb.  I think HANDverk is such a fresh store and their work is exceptionally visually appealing.  It just had to be highlighted. Thanks for reading!
Photo One:
Gazebo: Circa: The "Courtyard" Gazebo in Birch and Teak.  It is one of two versions of the gazebo that is part of a huge set includes 2 gazebos, curvy pathway, benches and topiary. I adore the tile floor.  It is a steal at only $L45 at Circa for the Royal Lifestyle Magazine's Birds & Bee's Hunt. Look for the super easy to find bird.
All other items by HANDverk.  Photos taken at Shop Free*Style and HANDverk mainstore. Thanks Daphne, for letting me borrow your subscriber ad and store photos.  You saved me a ton of work!