Thursday, 28 February 2013

The colourful world of Shop Free*Style

You'd be surprised right along with me to find out that the above shot is is raw from Second Life. Other than the name and border, it was all SL. Yay for playing with shadows and windlight.

To those who know me *Waves* I am back, working on new projects, and of course, blogging. While I have not been online per say, my RL sister(Cherelle Capra of CIRCA) keeps me up to date.

Free*Style has always been a love for me. I joined the group in it's early creation, posting things that I found on the grid(in the beginning it was just a bunch of us out finding things), later I posted as a designer, until finally I joined the blogging team(as a guest designer blogger) in March of 2009. Yes, it will be 4 years as a Free*Styler in a few days. I have always blogged something a bit different, often doing themes, event coverage, or lists of places to find specific things.

While I may not always be posting(that is why the whole guest thing), Free*Style is always a part of my SL. It is with great honor that my sister and I were able to help with the next phase of it's life, helping to bring Shop Free*Style to fruition.

Now that the shop is live(as in open to public), I got out of my hermit hole to show you my top picks of opening day.

I have always been a collector of eyes, and our very own Rosemarie Indigo of Banana Banshee has a few things out at the shop(like many of our bloggers here at Free*Style). These eyes are in her gacha, only L$5 per play. There are a bunch of colours, showing here the emerald. So yay, got green on my first try, then guess what Stringer fans? I got the rose, which isn't rose, well not to my eyes, it is PINK! GAAAAA!

The totally awesome neon GREEN skin is by our very own Sileny Noel, in the gacha she set up. It is packed with "The Unusuals" skin collection, and only L$5 per play. LOVE!

The lashes are from Butterfly Kiss Boutique, and while the store itself is not yet open, there are a few items at Shop Free*Style. The label will be focusing on lashes for it's mainstay product, so it isn't any wonder that one of their free items is this curly set.

I also have Squeek's free offer on, which is a set of eyeliners. Yes, I am wearing a whole set of eyeliners! Jks, I have on the blue.

The thing that inspired this whole look, which I was going to blog even before I saw what else was in the shop, was this top from Spyralle. This is right up my ally, since my aim has always been to either cause a headache from the vibrating colours, or to look like a munchkin brought up his lunch of poprocks. I think this does both, and though not your typical SL fashion fair, I can't help but love it. I really want to find a neon yellow tutu to go with it, and wear like big @&$ combat boots.

The necklace is from Lasaki, also at the new Shop Free*Style, and it comes with facial tats, which I don't happen to have on.

Also, because I know you are going to ask, the horns are made by me, and I threw them into a gacha at Shop Free*Style. There are 12 colour variations, some normalish, some not so much, and a few in between.

Poses used in this post are all offers at Shop Free*Style, ranging in prices from L$0 to L$10. I was seriously surprised at all the awesome packs, so if you are a blogger yourself, or you post on flickr, or just like to collect poses, it is seriously worth your while to go and look. Some of the L$25 and L$50 packs are jam packed with  pose goodies, which is a serious steal from what you would pay at the stores.


Skin - A&A - The Unusuals Green - L$5 Gacha @ Shop Free*Style
Hair - The Stringer Mausoleum - R.Red in Aqua - NA
Eyes - Banana Banshee - Rose eyes in Emerald - L$5 Gacha @ Shop Free*Style
Lashes - Butterfly Kiss Boutique - Curlie Q Lashes - L$0 @ Shop Free*Style
Eyeliner - Squeek - Eyeliner Blue - L$0 @ Shop Free*Style
Top - Spyralle - Whimsy Fractal Top in Chartreuse - L$1 @ Shop Free*Style
Shorts - Inoiu - Neon Shorts in Green - L$0
Boots - Kiss Kiss Bang Bang - Slouchy Boots in Aqua - L$0
Necklace - Lasaki - Back to Basics necklace - L$1 @ Shop Free*Style
Horns - The Stringer Mausoleum - Crown of Horns in Earthday - L$25 Gacha @ Shop Free*Style

I originally wanted to do an "on location" shoot, and had the help from a fellow blogger and general SLelebrity, Sasy Scarborough. She sent me to Rachel Breaker's sim, which is full of crazy. The shoot didn't really turn out, everything is huge, so to get good photos of both the sim and the avi is not the easiest. Add in shadows, and it is a bit of a nightmare. So I played with one of the shots, and thought I'd share =)

The sim is worth a visit, so here is the slurl!

*runs off to hand Tesh her red magic marker*