Monday, 19 March 2012

Gifties and More Charity Gownage!

Gownage isn't a word, I know. BUT AWESOME IS.  So have a peek at an awesome gown from Eclectic Firefly which is an awesome donation item with proceeds going to the awesome Relay For Life charity.  Yep, three awesomes in that sentence.  Because giving to charity is awesome x3.  I also want to note that the studio box I am using is on the Marketplace for only 199L from Kamrek Creations and has FORTY-SEVEN different texture options so check it out! 
On the freebie front we have this adorable crown in the notices of the December update group.  I love all the little details and the color of it especially.  My skin is new from Matrioska and isn't free but I am all about supporting new skin brands, especially those that cater to the spooky in any way! 
These adorable little cups and leather boxes are a group gift in notices from BP.  I love this store and would buy everything in the store to make my own little entirely BP house if I had more land than my Linden home in which to put any of it. xD
I also want to make a note about my background.  I am posing in the new 
OK so buy, enjoy, and have a great week!
 Gown: Ecelectic Firefly @ FFL, 150L charity donation item, only available through tomorrow in this color so hustle!
Crown: December, group gift
Boxes and Cups: BP, group gift
Skin: Matrioska, new release
Hair: Clawtooth by Clawtooth @ Collabor88, 88L
Studio Box: Kamrek Creations @ Marketplace, 199L