Monday, 19 March 2012

FFL Ending and Krystal Beginnings

Hi Free*Stylers!  Most years we have made a huge deal of the annual Fashion for Life event that benefits Relay for Life.  I've been pretty swamped this year with RL and blogging the event on my own blog but I didn't want it to end on the 20th without mentioning it.  The emphasis is not really on freebies, nor should it be, as the charity is so worthy, but there are some gifts spattered about the sim as well as gacha areas in each area and a hunt.  The hunt, though not free, is a great way to pick up some bargains from favorite designers.  Each store has at least 3 special vendors that offer exclusive items where 100% of the proceeds will be donated to charity.  Most stores will move these vendors to their stores once the fair has ended but the organizers have really gone out of their way to make the experience enjoyable. The event is spread out over 10 sims and every time I have returned it has been rather lag free.  The sims are themed and well built (my personal favorite is DreamSeeker Volta as I am a huge Frank Lloyd Wright buff).  The link for FFL above will give you any further information you need, including the prizes for the amazing raffle, a map of the sims as well as included stores, and hopefully soon a photo of Harper Beresford dressed as a pig, if an overall goal is reached.
The gown I am wearing is one of the five donation gowns offered by Kouse's Sanctum at FFL.  It's a gorgeous gown that really shows what incredible range Kouse has.  Her gowns are very popular amongst RP folks, particularly medieval-based groups, but she can do so much more. She has always dabbled in jewelry making but has decided to go beyond that and open Krystal, a fine jewelry store.  She is holding a photo contest until March 23rd.  Simply take a photo of yourself wearing one of the new Krystal products making sure you include your full avatar name in the photo title and post it so the Krystal Flickr group.  Everyone who enters will win a prize.  1st place winners will get the opportunity to inspire the next Krystal set as well as receive ALL sets available in the store in the metal of your choice.  2nd place will 1000L of Krystal jewelry (your choice) and have a future set named after you.  3rd place can chose 500 L worth of jewelry and also have a future set named after you.  So get shopping!

Gown: Kouse Sanctum: Selah: 100% proceeds donated to RFL: currently at FFL (sim landing point)
Jewelry: Krystal: Purity Set - Platinum
Hair: Elikatira: Rhythm
Skin: LAQ: Ebba
Eye Shadow: RezIpsa Loc: Electronic Indigo Shadow