Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Pink Plus Green Equals Win

One of my all time favorite color combinations is definitely pink and green, especially in very bright versions like this.  Torley got something right! 
My eye makeup is from Boom and is only a whopping 1L and it comes with lashes and no lashes options.  My piercings are from Phoebe's Piercings & More, a new to me store, and I think they are well made.  They are modifiable so you can easily get the fit you want if your lip shape is more on the extreme end.  They are a group gift for the Feebs Neko Mall.  My skin is from Sn@tch and I adore this face!  I have to warn you though that the body is totally cray-cray crazy!  The boobs are eyeballs! LOL!  Totally fun for spooky pictures or regular pretty photos if you cover them up.  The top I am wearing is part of a super fun outfit from Vaughan's House of Curiosities and is not free BUT it is a 100% charity donation item at Fashion For Life HERE. It is a full length catsuit and also comes with a belt and coat. You can see more of the outfit blogged HERE by the lovely Paisley Mizin. The Fashion For Life event ends today so hurry to grab it!  The eyes are my standbys from Croire and are not free.  My hair is from Amacci and is not free.  I tinted it to be a slightly brighter green.