Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Dear Internet, Move Faster Please. Or Else.

My internet has been moving at the speed of superzomgslow for a while now, no idea why. So maybe some fun, bright colors will make me less inclined to start hunting fire foxes :P
Colorful Gurl 2
This hair from Adam N Eve comes in a few colors but I wore blue because, hey, I was already wearing yellow and pink so why not? The skin is one of only about forty-seven trillion or so skins you can win at Sowelu! The hoodie comes with male and female prim options so yay for that! Intrigue Co. is generally pretty great about making things unisex and/or available for both sexes. The boots are one of a few prizes available from Duh! in the lucky chair (and check for hunt gifts and mass amounts of cheapies too!)
Colorful Girl
Hoodie: Intrigue Co., MM prize
Skin: Sowelu, lucky board prize (I think. It might have been a group gift or 1L item though)
Hair: Adam N Eve, group gift in notices
Boots: Duh!, lucky chair prize
Denim Shorts: Lo*MoMo, 1L (I know you can't really see them but they're cute and basic)
Eyes: JM:Mai, lucky board prize

Monday, 28 June 2010

Boots & Boys

Okay, okay, I can't help with the boys, but I can help with the boots. Check it out:

25 Linden Promo EVA Boots

These wicked black suede boots with prim stars are the latest 25 linden promo item from EVA Footwear They are scripted with color options for the sole and trim and also have a sizing option. Also, everything in the shop is 50% off. Don't pay attention to what the prices are on the signs, its all on sale for this special summer promo. It won't last so don't miss out.


Vinyl Cafe is also doing a BIG boot promo. Get these red and black boots free here.


The cyan and blue ones are free here.


All the other colors are just 25 lindens this week only. Find them in a few different locations. The black suede, pink, and cyan ones are here. The brown suede, purple, and green are here. The black leather, red and blue ones are here.

Enjoy ladies!

A Couple Pretty Dresses

CDC Group Gift Dress

Here's the latest group gift from CDC. Grab in the main store. I love the diamond clasp at the skirt and the earrings are included. Shoes by Maitreya and hair by Laq.


This outfit is a group gift from Pritty. It includes the stockings, dress, and jacket. Grab it from past notices. I saw this on the lovely Linda Mensing's blog and had to share it with you. Great find Linda! Shoes by Maitreya and hair by Truth.


Just somethings I throw on before hitting the sun!
Woven bags are very popular on the grid lately, you can pick up this one shown on my shoulder by
Berries Inc.! 3 versions - on shoulder, on hand or no animations; these are free at the Berries Inc. Mainstore :D

Style Du Jour

Dress: Deka - Hot Ice 1L
Berries Inc. shoulder bag (group gift)

Pose: *EverGlow* - Model067

not free:
Hair by Exile/ Denim top: Sweetest Goodbye - Highway Star

Asimov Park

Suri, xoxo

Sunday, 27 June 2010


Slummin' it up! Inspired by the Runaways, haha!
Hair, Top: Mina, 1L each. There are five or six items hidden amongst the regular items priced at 1L to celebrate the grand reopening. The other ones are a mystery ;D
Skin: Mother Goose's, new lucky board prize
Cigarette: Creamy Cooljoke for Free*Style, pay what you want
Eyes: JM:Mai, lucky board prize

Saturday, 26 June 2010

My Heart Is Pure (pink)

Limited group gift until 01/07/2010 from Zenith!
A cute pink heart swimsuit with sculpted bow bottoms and cute pink bangles, enjoy!

Pink Heart Group Gift

=Zenith= Pink Heart (Limited group gift until 01/07/2010)

You have propably seen my updated format of writing, I always try to add the location to where I took my pics from, today is no exception! You can grab my "Ella" Pose collection (10 poses) for just $60L until the end of sunday, it's great for the pose addicts out there!

[doll.]™ Ella Pose Collection

Poses: [doll.]™ Ella Pose Collection, $60L THIS WEEKEND ONLY!

Location: Crossing Currents

I have seen some really cool builds on several blogs where the bloggers dedicate blogposts solely on decorating their homes, which leads me to think of any special "events" for home and furniture! We have countless events in the name of fashion; it's time we pay some attention to Spruce Up Your Space!

Belle Belle The Naughty Lifeguard

Belle Belle The Naughty Lifeguard

Belle Belle The Naughty Lifeguard

The current theme for SUYS is "Beachy Keen". For this occasion, Belle Belle has once again pulled out all the stops and the result is 'The Naughty Lifeguard Tower'. For this weekend ONLY for L$150, after that, it will go up to the regular price of L$690. Come and get yours, and don't forget to ogle the cute lifeguard that might be on duty @
Belle Belle Furniture!

Thank you so much
Leyla for sending me this fantastic piece, I always have fun with your detailed designs :D

Naughty Lifeguard: Matteoo

Naughty Lifeguard: Matteoo

Belle Belle Furniture - The Naughty Lifeguard Tower $L150 for this weekend only!! With 10 naughty couple animation, no wonder this is called "The Naughty Lifeguard Tower"!! I am not showing any explicit material but I can definately promise this tower is hot with action!! Get it or regret it :P

Suri, xoxo

Girlie Wirlie

Word to mah girlie girls: Hal*Hina has a new grape candy purple dress that's free for group members, complete with this trailing lavender hair bow.
I was in the mood to pink it up, so I added the new "Rayne" shag style by Truth in this darling "Bubblegum" color + some marbled pink eyes by Negaposi (both not free but super adorable).

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend (and weekend sales)! Girlie wirlie love + fashionista kisses to all!

Teshan2222 Wycliffe
(forever a girlie girl)


Dress: Hal*Hina - flower:mini dress -02- [purple] - group gift - free
Truth - Rayne - Bubblegum (new!)
Curio - :GP: Sundust Frex [Light] Beach-Seashell 2
Negaposi - Lunar Eyes - Morganite
Lashes: Cake - Bedroom Lashes
Tattoo: KiiTos - Star Falls Tattoo
Glow Studio - Black Rose
Ring: Elate! - Sunny Rose Ring

Friday, 25 June 2010

Sea Stuff, Green Stuff

The Dressing Room Blue opened tonight and there is a brand new collection of designer fashions, 70 lindens and under including this gorgeous olive dress from Baiastice.

Baiastice @ The Dressing Room, Sea Hole Subscribo Skin, 25 Linden  Pumps

Find the dress here along with many other fashion finds. I've paired it with these stilettos, just 25 lindens this weekend only here, and the new subscribo gift skin from The Sea Hole.

Here's a better look at the skin. I love the light, pretty colors, perfect for summer.

Free and Cheap For Friday

A lot of these items are older or have been blogged before but some are new!! And either way I love them :D
I feel like a goody-goody, hehe!

Hair: Ay.Line, opening gift (includes several colors and headband is color change)
Skin: Imabee, 50L today only!
Sweater and Skirt (skirt previously blogged by Suri): Choramimi, free (or 1L)
Tank Top: Sugarcube, free
Necklace: Shiny Things @ the Gnubie Store, free


Imabee's Umeko in strawberry makeup for 50L!

all poses by Marukin by Valencia Southard!

I bought this stunning 50L skin, out for Rocking Fridays by Imabee! It's Umeko, and she is my favorite Imabee skin ever. Also one of my main skins! Definitely don't miss out on the chance to get this pre-release while it's 50L. Brendon tries to make his skins the best they can be, and he's really open to feedback, I admire him a lot for that. His cleavage is also one of the best i've seen - it's really uhm, breasty and full and I love it! The cleavage is included with the 50L skin, so that's great and another reason why it's one of my main skins.

GATO is another of my favorite clothing stores where I did some shopping and basically bought a few of the new releases haha. Although I own a lot of the older ones too. Honestly, I love everything about this store because it's so so affordable and all of the things are exactly my style! I love rainbow and colors and neon, and I guess the designer does too heh because all of her beautiful creations are like that. She also gives group gifts frequently and has lots of weekend promotions, so join the subscribo to be notified!

skin: Imabee, 50L for rockin fridays. demos available.
tattoo: actchio. GSH hunt gift (hint: lamps like to drink soda. OK it's damn easy it's my own hunt gift so I can jolly well say where it is. it's sticking out of the lamp and the lamp is next to the subscribo! there!!! shit it's totally worth being a creator just so that I can tell people where the hunt gift is lol)

GATO group gift: globos jumpsuit! it has the best hot air balloons on it, i looove this print!
sandals: surf co. for 50L Friday
hair: Mirai Style

skin: GATO, 100L, lovelove love this skin! I actually asked Lalu for a demo before I bought it because I never buy skins without demos, but she was like "oh it's so cheap I didn't bother, but I can make a demo for you if you like!" I felt so ashamed that I bought it lolol and no regrets! It's a beautiful skin, the body is great and of course the face.
GATO: completely sculpted bikini. 80L per design, 150L for fatpack. Note: Only buy this bikini if you are good at resizing things! Since it's sculpted and mod, you have to "edit linked parts" and click on each part to make it fit. It was REALLY easy though. All I did was to adjust the size of the front piece and the back piece of the bottom. Then I moved the ribbon position. For the bikini top, I just resized it. It only took me 10 minutes.

also, when you tp to people, they will see you naked before the bikini sculpt rezzes hahah. This may or may not be a good thing. 150L for 3 beautiful bikinis? so worth it.

hair: Kik, 100L, colorchange ribbon
chained belly piercing: skream
necklace: atelier am

hair: kik lucky board prize, cap is color change!
skin: mother goose lucky board prize, utterly gorgeous, but the hands kind of look a bit strange so I wore gloves haha. you can check out the hands on the momo skin demos. I think the face is beautiful and I really like the skin!
GATO's sequined swimmer top, I love her sculpts and the puffy sleeve detail.
GATO highwaisted zipper skirt in gold: part of outfit.
nails: MStyle
gloves: league

eyeliner worn in all skins except first photo: actchio.

Thursday, 24 June 2010


Sneaking in to show you a great free summer look :D
willow free_002
Hair/Hat: Mina, picks gift
Dress: Willow, hunt gift
Tights: Actchio, hunt gift
Skin: Tuli, not free
Lashes: Garage, not free
Pose: Long Awkward Pose, not free

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Surfer Girl

As promised, here are some more gifts from Glance. Check out this vibrant $1L print bikini by Shiki.
This post title is 'cuz I was reminded of the super old-school Beach Boys song as I was meandering around with these cool surfboards (they're not free, but these fun poses are included).

The $1L gift from Alatiel Fashions
includes this adorable straw hat with a cute scarf detail. (FYI if you grab the gift from Dekade, there's also a mid-sized straw bag included that would fit nicely with all of this beach 'kini action).
Now if only I could go surfing in RL (preferably, instead of work). Surfer girl love + fashionista kisses to all!

Teshan2222 Wycliffe
(who's always wanted to learn how to surf


Monokini + hat: Alatiel Fashions @ Glance - Blast of Summer June Gift - $1L
Hair: Kitsune Couture - Catrina - Platinum Plus - $15L store closing sale
Surfboard standing pose (comes with surfboard): Slash Me Poses - /me Hangs Ten pack
Skin: Redgrave - [*RG*] 11 Tan Skin -Zuri- /*magenta
Eyes: Negaposi - Fairy Eyes - Glass
Bikini: Shiki @ Glance - Summer Bikini 2010 for Glance opening - Fire Blossom -$1L
Hair butterflies: AtomicBambi for The Fashion Circus - Flutter-By (Sunset)
Surfboard carrying pose (comes with surfboard):
Slash Me Poses - /me Hangs Ten pack
Hair: Ploom - Sylvan - Mocha
Skin: Redgrave - [*RG*] 11 Tan Skin -Zuri- /*turquise
Tattoo: dEVOL - Hibiscus Tattoo (store closed)

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Colorful Stuff

How's this for colorful?

Vinyl Cafe & LP2 GG With Ganked Freebies

This dress is part of a fatpack, free for Vinyl Cafe Addicts here. The blue stillettos you can find in past notices, also for VC Addicts. The retro t.v. is the latest group gift from LP2. The t.v. turns on and off. I love it! The canary diamond jewellery is part of a freebie from Ganked.

Vinyl Cafe Addicts GG @ Halloween

Here's the full fatpack. It comes with two styles of skirts: with the glittery train and the classic mini.

Style Notes
Hair in photo one W & Y
Hair in photo two Truth
Skin in photo one Tuli
Skin in photo two LAQ

Yes Ma, I'm A Cheapie

The newly-opened Glance SIM had a party this weekend to fete its fabby self. I totally missed the soiree, but lotsa cheapie + freebie gifts are still set out for the scooping in many of these stores.
I'm showing 2 of the $10L gifts here (+ will try to show a few more freebies as the week goes on). I adore these teeny tiny criss-cross spaghetti straps across the back on this cherry-red gown by Noon; so great for some tat action. There's a tiny black lace detail above the buttie + bodice too.

This next skimpy number by Convoitise struck me as what a schoolteacher living a secret double life might wear out on her (real) night out (hence the glasses, heh). The skirt on this black leather "dress" is super fluttery; detailmonger in moi must also note that these $10L gloves by Indyra Originals are such a great accessory find (the smart li'l bow on the wrist backs add a girlie touch).
Finally a word about the hair I'm wearing: Kitsune Couture is sadly going out of business, and all single colorpacks are $15L each (fatpacks are $30L). The store was absolutely mobbed last night, but there are pose stands out to try free demos in-store. I especially like the classic updos here; the "Dirty Blonde" color is particularly nice.

Cheapie finds love + fashionista kisses to all!

Teshan2222 Wycliffe
(who's an unashamed cheapie)


Red gown: Noon @ Glance - Moonlight Dress (click sign on wall near doorway once) - free
Black miniskirt + bikini dress: Convoitise by Toume Yao @ Glance - Kiana Black (buy sign on ground near door) -
Black gloves: Indyra Originals @ Glance - Glance Gift June: La Capitaine Kidskin Gloves -
Hair in 1st photo: Kitsune Couture - the one with the Black Roses in the name! (sorry forgot to write down the precise name) - Dirty Blonde - closing sale - $15L (fatpacks are $30L)
Hair in 2nd photo: Kitsune Couture - Cutiepie - Blonde - closing sale - $15L (fatpacks are $30L)
Earrings: U&R Dogs - Jingle-Jangle Heart Pierce -
previously $1L
Tattoo: dEVOL - Hibiscus Tattoo (store closed)
Shoes: Orange Creations - Mercy - Red
Skin: Redgrave - [*RG*] 11 Tan Skin -Zuri- /*deepred
Eyes: Negaposi - Fairy Eyes - Bluecave

Wicked Stilettos


These sexy stilettos with ankle straps are just 25 lindens each for this week only! They come in three skin tones and also have a resizer script for the perfect fit. You can find the red ones here, the black ones here, and the white ones here. AND, there is a gorgeous pair of cobalt blue ones for FREE in The Vinyl Cafe Addicts group. Enjoy ladies!

Monday, 21 June 2010

Great New Dresses

There are some fab new gifts out from some of the best designers. Check it out:

Hucci Gift Dress

You gotta love this sexy mini from Hucci! Shown with shoes by Stiletto Moody, earrings by Morantique, and hair by Lelutka.

Prism Dollarbie At Dominion

This blue frill mini is the latest dollarbie from Prism. Shown with shoes by Maitreya and hair by Truth.

ADiva Gift Gown

This stunning red gown is the latest gift from ADiva. Shown with hair by W&Y.

It's Peachy Keen, Sillyheads

Eha has set out this lovely pastel peach tank top (with shoulder prims for the straps!) featuring this pretty lemon-lime ruffled edge. Mmmm love the luscious colors of summer.
Free color-change flip-flops by In Her Shoes + a free "moosehead" pose were perfectly suited for my casual, sticky weather mood. This kind of pose btw is what makes my friend Ethan Kanahoe call me a "sillyhead" sometimes.

Peachy summertime love + fashionista kisses to all!

Teshan2222 Wycliffe
(who loves summer peaches + all things silly)


Top: Eha
- 7 Days in Sunny June - Group Gift02 (touch sign to join group for $0L; touch brown paper bag) - free
Flip Flops: In Her Shoes - Flip Flops Back to Basics (color change; no prim toes but these are supercute) - free
Tattoo: Flowey - Shall Pass -
$1L (or pay as you want)
Hair: Ploom - Sylvan - Toffee
Negaposi - Fairy Eyes - Glass
Lashes: Cake - Bedroom Lashes
Zaara - Pratha silver cuff *malachite
Skin: Tres Blah -tb- Hiccup Lavender Lippie
Pose: XBordeaux - I Say Meese
- free
drop Xanadu Capelo an IM or NC to request this adorable free pose; her "Salty Sunburns" full pose set that you can see on her blog here is also free!

Sunday, 20 June 2010

tic tac toe early summer fair/geekgasm hunt etc etc

stuff and things
free or super cheap: book - cheapcheap, for the geekgasm hunt (runs through july 1st. look for the little rubix cube -- starting point is here; bathing suit - u.f.o., for the tic tac toe early summer fair (50L)
not free: skin - laqroki; hair - clawtooth; cigarette - hermony
pose - marukin
the tableau summer sunrise festival is on til june 25th, and there's more wonderfulness there than i could ever manage to show here. exclusive things, free things, cheap things, all kinds of sexy shit from some of our favorite people. and please, spend away: the proceeds benefit the Center for Biological Diversity. most of the stuff worn below is from the festival; the rest is noted at the very end of the credits.


stuff and things
pic #1 --
free: hair - clawtooth; tank - fashionably dead

pic #2 --
free: shorts - surf co
not free: hair and glasses - lamb; tank - surf co

pic #3 --
free: bikini - pig (and it's not just the one bikini, it's a whole damn fatpack)
not free: shorts - tres blah

other stuff, none of it free --
skin - fashionably dead; poses - marukin (can't remember if i used any of them here, but there are some freebies in the store); lashes - miasnow; hair in pic #3 - clawtooth

Saturday, 19 June 2010


Time for another group gift!

This time is a high waist shorts, I teamed it up first with Silver's lace tights, 'cuz I wanted to pimp her stuff :P and then I saw this floral shirt as well, it's not free but only $75L so I bought it!

Style Du Jour

""D!va"" Hair "Haruka" Group gift limited hair! (group gift)
R.icielli - ELEANOR highwaist short /sea (group gift)
Bag: old hunt gift by Jon Haskell

Other stuff (not free):
::Petunia:: Soft Vintage Blouse, Rose/ actchio. roselace tights/

[doll.]™ Selene 07, you can buy this set for 60L this weekend!

[doll.]™ Selene Pose Collection

Location: Petunia

Suri, xoxo

Friday, 18 June 2010

Fish for Some Tentacles

Who doesn't need some tentacles?

Available in the fishing area at! Get your poles out.......

Thursday, 17 June 2010

How's This For Contrast?

Meghindo's Group Gift

I adore this beautiful feather skirt and glittery bikini, a group gift from Meghindo's. Its 100 lindens to join the group but the gifts are pretty fantastic so its well worth it. This outfit and a few others can be found at the main store right now.

Vinyl Cafe Group Gift

This turquoise outfit is part of a big fatpack of colors that is the latest group gift from Vinyl Cafe.

Style Notes Photo One
Hair: Skye Everett
Gloves: Mimikri
Jewelery: Ganked
Shoes: Maitreya

Style Notes Photo Two
Hair: Truth
Shoes: Maitreya

It's My Party and I'll Cry If I Want To.

Or, It's My Rezday and I'll Mismatch If I Want To! Little known secret about me: I LOVE to wear mismatched clothes. Since it is officially my third rezday I am wearing a big old colorful splash fest because I can.The skin...Love forever bright colors.
Skin: Lara Skin, group gift in store
Skirt: Izzie's, subscriber gift
Pink Top: *LP* Design, part of a hunt gift
Green Sweater: Pig, not free (but only 90L)
Hair: Truth, not free

Swimming for A-Bomb!

A-Bomb has this cute subscriber gift bikini that also comes with cute nautical deck shoes!! It makes me feel all sunblock-chic :DAnd if the bikini and shoes isn't enough for you, check out the Fashion is Love hunt skin and eyes gift from Mynerva. Such cute freckles! That is totally Suri's dog El Diablo in the background BTW, hehe!
Swimsuit and Shoes: A-Bomb, subscriber gift
Skin and Eyes: Mynerva, hunt gift
Poses: Glitterati, not free (but there is a great sale on at them moment!)
Hair: Kik, was a subscriber gift but appears to be not redeliverable