Saturday, 26 June 2010

My Heart Is Pure (pink)

Limited group gift until 01/07/2010 from Zenith!
A cute pink heart swimsuit with sculpted bow bottoms and cute pink bangles, enjoy!

Pink Heart Group Gift

=Zenith= Pink Heart (Limited group gift until 01/07/2010)

You have propably seen my updated format of writing, I always try to add the location to where I took my pics from, today is no exception! You can grab my "Ella" Pose collection (10 poses) for just $60L until the end of sunday, it's great for the pose addicts out there!

[doll.]™ Ella Pose Collection

Poses: [doll.]™ Ella Pose Collection, $60L THIS WEEKEND ONLY!

Location: Crossing Currents

I have seen some really cool builds on several blogs where the bloggers dedicate blogposts solely on decorating their homes, which leads me to think of any special "events" for home and furniture! We have countless events in the name of fashion; it's time we pay some attention to Spruce Up Your Space!

Belle Belle The Naughty Lifeguard

Belle Belle The Naughty Lifeguard

Belle Belle The Naughty Lifeguard

The current theme for SUYS is "Beachy Keen". For this occasion, Belle Belle has once again pulled out all the stops and the result is 'The Naughty Lifeguard Tower'. For this weekend ONLY for L$150, after that, it will go up to the regular price of L$690. Come and get yours, and don't forget to ogle the cute lifeguard that might be on duty @
Belle Belle Furniture!

Thank you so much
Leyla for sending me this fantastic piece, I always have fun with your detailed designs :D

Naughty Lifeguard: Matteoo

Naughty Lifeguard: Matteoo

Belle Belle Furniture - The Naughty Lifeguard Tower $L150 for this weekend only!! With 10 naughty couple animation, no wonder this is called "The Naughty Lifeguard Tower"!! I am not showing any explicit material but I can definately promise this tower is hot with action!! Get it or regret it :P

Suri, xoxo