Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Colorful Stuff

How's this for colorful?

Vinyl Cafe & LP2 GG With Ganked Freebies

This dress is part of a fatpack, free for Vinyl Cafe Addicts here. The blue stillettos you can find in past notices, also for VC Addicts. The retro t.v. is the latest group gift from LP2. The t.v. turns on and off. I love it! The canary diamond jewellery is part of a freebie from Ganked.

Vinyl Cafe Addicts GG @ Halloween

Here's the full fatpack. It comes with two styles of skirts: with the glittery train and the classic mini.

Style Notes
Hair in photo one W & Y
Hair in photo two Truth
Skin in photo one Tuli
Skin in photo two LAQ