Friday, 25 June 2010


Imabee's Umeko in strawberry makeup for 50L!

all poses by Marukin by Valencia Southard!

I bought this stunning 50L skin, out for Rocking Fridays by Imabee! It's Umeko, and she is my favorite Imabee skin ever. Also one of my main skins! Definitely don't miss out on the chance to get this pre-release while it's 50L. Brendon tries to make his skins the best they can be, and he's really open to feedback, I admire him a lot for that. His cleavage is also one of the best i've seen - it's really uhm, breasty and full and I love it! The cleavage is included with the 50L skin, so that's great and another reason why it's one of my main skins.

GATO is another of my favorite clothing stores where I did some shopping and basically bought a few of the new releases haha. Although I own a lot of the older ones too. Honestly, I love everything about this store because it's so so affordable and all of the things are exactly my style! I love rainbow and colors and neon, and I guess the designer does too heh because all of her beautiful creations are like that. She also gives group gifts frequently and has lots of weekend promotions, so join the subscribo to be notified!

skin: Imabee, 50L for rockin fridays. demos available.
tattoo: actchio. GSH hunt gift (hint: lamps like to drink soda. OK it's damn easy it's my own hunt gift so I can jolly well say where it is. it's sticking out of the lamp and the lamp is next to the subscribo! there!!! shit it's totally worth being a creator just so that I can tell people where the hunt gift is lol)

GATO group gift: globos jumpsuit! it has the best hot air balloons on it, i looove this print!
sandals: surf co. for 50L Friday
hair: Mirai Style

skin: GATO, 100L, lovelove love this skin! I actually asked Lalu for a demo before I bought it because I never buy skins without demos, but she was like "oh it's so cheap I didn't bother, but I can make a demo for you if you like!" I felt so ashamed that I bought it lolol and no regrets! It's a beautiful skin, the body is great and of course the face.
GATO: completely sculpted bikini. 80L per design, 150L for fatpack. Note: Only buy this bikini if you are good at resizing things! Since it's sculpted and mod, you have to "edit linked parts" and click on each part to make it fit. It was REALLY easy though. All I did was to adjust the size of the front piece and the back piece of the bottom. Then I moved the ribbon position. For the bikini top, I just resized it. It only took me 10 minutes.

also, when you tp to people, they will see you naked before the bikini sculpt rezzes hahah. This may or may not be a good thing. 150L for 3 beautiful bikinis? so worth it.

hair: Kik, 100L, colorchange ribbon
chained belly piercing: skream
necklace: atelier am

hair: kik lucky board prize, cap is color change!
skin: mother goose lucky board prize, utterly gorgeous, but the hands kind of look a bit strange so I wore gloves haha. you can check out the hands on the momo skin demos. I think the face is beautiful and I really like the skin!
GATO's sequined swimmer top, I love her sculpts and the puffy sleeve detail.
GATO highwaisted zipper skirt in gold: part of outfit.
nails: MStyle
gloves: league

eyeliner worn in all skins except first photo: actchio.