Saturday, 30 January 2010


Poses are as important as skins, or clothing you choose to wear, along with any accessories you choose to match your looks with on SL; today, I will show u a couple of cheap poses!

Jayne, Karla & Suri

The 3 poses shown here are made by Maretch Waffle, you can get them at Hyper Couture for $10L! **Look for a pink box with skulls**

From Left:

Lelutka group gift dress (as blogged by Creamy)

Glam Affair (formerly Beauty Avatar) gift, $1L
*skin * hair included, not shown*

[M2M]..::Tulip Purple Set::.. lucky board prize

Next pose is a dollarbie, it's from my new pose collection, Selene!

The FATPACK is marked down to just $75L for the time being from its original price of $300L, so come check it out if you like it!

[doll.] Selene 07 dollarbie

[doll.] Selene 07 dollarbie pose **limited time**

Suri, xoxo

Freesome Threesome

Sometimes you just need a li'l chillax time with your friends. Here's me, my lovely gf MarySWW Lawksley + our favie boy Gavin McGinnis when we felt like ditching Old Man Winter for some warm-weather gifties. See how Gavin got his pimp vibe on here.
I'm wearing a cute $1L bikini gift by T Junction (tons more $1L gifts here too, plus a discounted T-shirts wall + 2 lucky boards), which I paired with one of my fave jeans of the moment, these lowrise free "Dos70" jeans by Poison @ Mirrors Edge (at 70 count lockdown, this MM board has been locking nearly every day; definitely worth a slap). Love the dark wash on these. The hearts body tattoo is 1 of 2 that you can win for free at the Kanival lucky dance platforms + the chunky gold necklace is part of Glam Affair's recent $1L gift.
Mary is wearing one of the free outfits you can win in the SK Designs lucky chair. This supercasual shorts + ripped tank look is great for when you just don't feel like glamming it up. Mary's black ankle strap heels are the free Vextra Messings Design gift for the Shoes & Accessories Hunt.
Gavin's look is a mix of some nice free men's jeans he found in the Ema's Secret lucky chair and one of the T-shirts in the Mayden Couture $1L men's gifts (the small, slanted gold script on the front is a cool touch). Gavin's black boots are the free Nardcotix men's gift for the Shoes & Accessories Hunt. Check out the leather texturing + quality on these.
Not sure what Gavin was doing to poor Mary here but she sure didn't like it.
Hope everyone gets some quality time with friends (and shopping!) in this weekend. Love + fashionista kisses to all!

Teshan2222 Wycliffe
(who feels very lucky to have such gorges friends)


on Tesh:
Jeans: Poison @ Mirrors Edge - Dos70 jeans - MM board gift - free
Bikini: T Junction - Dotty End - $1L
Gold chain + white stars necklace: Glam Affair - Lonely Necklace White - $1L
Tattoo: Kanival Tattoo - Heart 2 - lucky dance prize - free
*NOTE: join the group for $0L to scoop tons more group gifts here (both tattoos + clothes); there's also a discounted tattoos section

Orange gem ring: Mocha - Glass Gem Ring [Orange] - $10L ring gatcha
Sneakers: SoReal - Superstars Black/Gold (small)
Hair: Dernier Cri - Cheryl - Brown Shades
Skin: Laq - Jewel 05 [Nougat] Glow skin
Eyes: Negaposi - Glass Eyes (Raven) - $30L
Lashes: Cake - Bedroom Lashes

on MarySWW Lawksley:
Tank top + shorts: SK Designs - Teiko Outfit - lucky chair prize -
Shoes: Vextra Messing Design - *Vextra Messing* Sandra Heels - Shoes & Accessories Hunt gift #106 - free
Hair: Damselfly: Presley-Black Pearl
Eyes: Poetic Colors - Aurora Eyes Freebie -

on Gavin McGinnis:
T-shirt: Mayden Couture - Special gift men (Valentine's gift) - $1L
Jeans: Ema's Secret - Man Jeans dirty - lucky chair prize - free
Shoes: Nardcotix - Claudio Boot Black - Shoes & Accessories Hunt gift #85 - free
Bandana: BalAni - BalAni's Bandana Cuff - Shoes & Accessories Hunt gift #155 - free
Hair: Junwave - Masaki*BLACK* - $80L (sale price - not sure how long this sale is going for)
Tattoo: Aitui - Vintage Hawaii (faded)
Skin: BeReal - Exclusive Max Skin
Eyes: Negaposi - Glass Eyes (Lagoon) - $30L

Poses by: Water Sapphire, A.D.D. Poses,
Izumiya - free, Long Awkward Pose

Friday, 29 January 2010

Oo La La

Dany French Touch has two new dollarbie outfits available.  I only recently go the notice for them, however, the item is called a January gift so you might want to pick these up soon.  I absolutely love the tartish, can can look of the women's outfit and the men's outfit includes a very nicely done jacket.  Excuse the lame shots -- I had a simply awful time with lighting last night in local shots and none of my customs seemed to help.  Trust me; they are great outfits.

Dress: Dany French Touch: January Gift: 1 L
Shoes: The Laughing Academy: Jeweled Venetian Lace Boot: not free
Hair: Truth: Ann: not free
Skin: Cupcakes: Embrace: Spring Limited Edition: not free
Outfit: Dany French Touch: January Gift: 1 L
Shoes: Anexx: Lace Up Boots Brown: not free
Hair: Muism: Dani Brown: not free
Skin: The Abyss: Scorpio - Orion: not free

Lelutka Mini Dress

Oh hey, here's the perfect dress to go with some of your 50L Friday purchases.  Lelutka has this little sexy mini dress as a new group gift, and when I checked today the group is free enrollment for now.


[LeLutka]-DINA mini/ocean (group gift - check notices)
(vive9) Dakota Shape (free)
[SC Hair] Maranna [No Bangs] - Pumpkin Pie Surf Co. 50L Friday
Skin: Maya Pale Protoype - Free Speerit (prev gift, not sure if still available for free)

Poses: Free*Style and Olive Juice

Thursday, 28 January 2010

Deco Dresses

So Many Styles store is officially re-opened! You can now find 2 deco dresses inside the store, as shown below:

SMS gifts

SMS gifts

{SMS} Summer Deco Dresses (pink or blue), gift in store

Hair: Truth - Tamara, not free
I am in love with Truth's latest releases! ALL 4 hairs are very very nice, suits me very well!
Sandals from Milk Motion, not free
Jewelry from Uzuri, the place to get most beautiful ethnic style jewelry! :D

All poses used are from [doll.]

Pictures taken @:

Have a great day!

Suri, xoxo


Feeling a bit whimsical, silly, and playful. The one you love by your side and lots of giggles and tickles! Snuggled up on these amazing Love Hands Chairs, puts you both in the playful spirit.

10 Single Sit animations
3 Chatting animations
11 Cuddle animations

Touch the item to get the menu.

When the menu appears, select which type of animation you would like. Select the specific animation you want to use. Pose balls will appear. Right click the appropriate sexed poseball (blue for males, pink for females, red is unisex) and select sit.

You are looking at the MM version, Shameless Bits MM board gets lockdown every day! First come first hit, they shall get the prize when clock strikes midnight. Good luck!

Shameless Bits: Love Hand

TP To Shameless Bits:

Suri, xoxo

Raspberry Yum

Quickie post to show you what's new in the LP Design lucky chairs. This free raspberry tank dress is such a luscious color + there's a pretty sequin texture on it that makes this simple design pop. And how fabby are these aqua "hand ropes" bracelets that curl around the fingers? These are the free group gift here (join the group for $0L + grab the square on the ground near the entryway). Such an eye-popping color contrast against the rich hues of this dress.
The back is done in a racerback tank style, so there's a bit of a sporty feel to it.
You can also still scoop the free November socks gift I'm wearing from Mischief (tap the subscribo, History, then 9) which I think are some of the best socks I've seen on the grid. You get an enormous fatpack of supercute stripey colors + the tiny ribbing textures are noticeably well-done. I find myself wearing different colors of these all the time.

There's 2 lucky chairs at LP Design for this dress (when I was there earlier this morning, they were set on 10 minutes flip time each). Grab all your friends with the alphabet names + scoop this raspberry yummieness!

Love + fashionista kisses to all!

Teshan2222 Wycliffe
(who nom noms all kinds of berries, mmmm)


Dress: LP Design - *LP* Gift dress - lucky chair gift - free
Bracelets: LP Design - *LP* group gift - Pearl bracelets blue -
Socks: Mischief - November Group Freebie - Baggy Socks - Cherry - subscribo gift (tap subscribo, History, 9) -
Tattoo: CyberStar BodyArt - CSBA _full_body_tattoo_MEHNDI_2_2_Colours_10_pcs BOX
*NOTE: this store's MM board has some nice tattoo gifts + there's a $1L tattoo gift on the floor near the MM board too
Hair: Truth - Reese - espresso
Sneakers: SoReal - Superstars - Black/Gold
Skin: Laq - Jewel 08 - Nougat - Glow skin
Eyes: Negaposi - Glass Eyes (Raven) - $30L
Lashes: Cake - Bedroom Lashes
Poses by: Long Awkward Pose

Wednesday, 27 January 2010

I Love A Quickie

FAB Pony Freebie

Just a quickie post tonight: this cute black and white mini dress is just one linden at FAB Pony.

Get it while you can!

Stuff To Pose With


Hexagon HotTub

A beautiful summer night, the stars shining brightly, the one you love beside you. A mischevious smile crosses your face, it's time to get a little frisky!! You grab their hand and lead them outside, strip off your clothes, and slide into the steamy water of the Beautiful HotTub! With a glint in your eye, you ask them if they want to join you. Get ready for an amazing night!!

This comes with the prettiest cuddle animations in SL. These can stir all those romantic feelings while enjoying them with the ones you love!

11 single animations
3 chat animations
18 cuddle animations

Touch the item to get the menu.

When the menu appears, select the type of animations you want. Select the specific animation you want to use. Pose balls will appear. Right click the appropriate sexed poseball (blue for males, pink for females, red is unisex) and select sit.

Touch the yellow switch to turn the jets on and off
Touch the red switch to change the steam settings - Low, Med, High
Touch the blue switch to raise the water level

When you take this item back into inventory, right click on the water, and delete it first. (New water rezzes when the HotTub is placed out). The towels are seperate items and you can place them on any side of the hottub.

You are looking at the MM version, Shameless Bits MM board gets lockdown every day! First come first hit, they shall get the prize when clock strikes midnight. Good luck!

Shameless Bits

Shameless Bits

In addition to the daily MM, Shameless Bits is participating in this week's Hump Day Sale, details to follow:

Shameless Bits Hump Day Special

Shameless Bits Hump Day Special

Shameless Bits Hump Day Special

Shameless Bits Hump Day Special

TP To Shameless Bits:

Suri, xoxo

Smells of Man in here

He's not a real man though, just me in disguise.  Isn't he handsome wearing the new group gift cardigan from Valiant?  It's a bit torn but there's still plenty of life in it yet.


*Valiant* stone grey ripped cardi (group gift,, check notices)
Black-Detroit *Jeans (low-rise) ::Maschienenwerk (0L)

(Also worn, but not free)
WMD : LE.LOOK! l'homme -  Shirt (previous gift from Le.Look)
-Belleza- Thomas V2 Med Release (previous Group gift)

Look bag slouch pose: Free*Style  - free in a box of poses I made

When My Baby Was Born She Looked Like A Squashed Oompa Loompa

Twosome group gift shirt for those fancy ladies out there.
Shirt: Twosome, group gift in notices
Glasses: Adjunct, Shoes and Accessories hunt gift
Skin: Mango, Mango!, 69L Hump Day Happiness item (slurl will take you inside Aqua...check for good deals from them too!)
Hair: Lamb, not free

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

The Day The World Turned Day-Glo

Feeling very colorful right now.
free style 1-26_002
And don't you love this skin? No need for tattoos, they are already there!
free style 1-26_003
Dress: Moonstar, DSN gift
Hair: Mustache, group gift
Skin: Little Britain, lucky chair prize
Gloves: Glam Affair, part of the 1L opening gift
Important Notes:
-If you don't know about DSN, it is a subscriber network that hands out a random gift every night. This means it may be a very long time until you get this dress if you subscribe.
-There is another hair gift in the Mustache notices, the same hair in an "orange" color.
-I am having lag issues so if any of the slurls don't bring you directly to the item I apologize, the slurls are for the correct stores, however, so just search around :D

1L Bowling Shirt

There is a new 1L Bowling shirt on the work bench at HELL BOP and there is a ladies and a man's version in the box.

Skin is Belleza Thomas - Not Free. Hair Dernier Cri - Liam - Also Not Free.

Minidress Me

Today I wanna show you 2 free pretty minidresses worth scooping. Lotsa images so let's get to showing!

This first baby pink, lace-trimmed number can be found for free in the
Ema's Secret subscribo (you can win 3 more colors of this dress in the MM board too) + is one of my favie things -- a minidress that blurs the line between a dress + lingerie. Dressgerie? LOL.
This back tat is one of the three $1L tattoo gifts at HUZ-Tats (I'm showing another one below). I'm fairly picky about angels wings + the intricacy here makes these a total standout. Since I wanted the lacey dress textures to really pop, I kept the accessories to a minimum -- adding only a Noju rose barette + the free new bejeweled bangle gift from Donna Flora. Free shiny icy-pink boots from Mz. Shoes finished this look.

The skin I'm wearing is the new Belleza group "Alyson" group gift that's been all over the feeds + was first posted by Gidge here. There's a $250L fee to join, but you get several skin tones with cleavage + other options, so even for frugalistas, it's a total grab.
Belleza creator Tricky Boucher has told me that he personally prefers blonde hair, so I'm wearing this pretty light blonde style from Magika with his fantastic skin here. *mwuahs Tricky* This modern, layered bob is part of the free fatpack containing tons of styles near the Magika entryway (+ for each style, you get the color fatpack!) So fun for mixing up your look.

A quick shot to show you 2 more hairstyles included in this same free Magika hair pack, which I paired with the new free skin gift by MeteoRain. With its shiny skin + innocent expression, this skin totally channels that girlie porcelain dollface look.
This free MM board minidress by Relentless Couture/Volt is like a visit to my fashion happy place. The bright, colorful "splashes" popping thruout this silvery metallic material is just superfun. This "Cookie" side updo bun hair I'm wearing is one of 2 new styles included in the current free gift at Hairy Situations. -- Now I realize that this style is more than a little Princess Leia retro, but the soft brown color + loose curly tendrils are just so darn cute.
Check out the particularly cheeky bottom on this minidress: the buttie is having a grand day out in this thing. If you don't like quite so much hello to your rear parts, you could slip on a pair of tights or shorts + be good to go. Or just add it to your list of "parade around nakey at home" stuffs.
Yeah yeah, the shamelessly poseur "girl on car" photo. Sometimes you just gotta embrace your inner le cheesy. Right, Sileny? *giggles*
I'm wearing another of the $1L gifties out by HUZ-Tats here. I have to say that I'm living for this imprinted navy blue ink -- both unusual + eye-catchingly pretty. *Note: HUZ-Tats is currently having a 50% off sale so it's a great time for a browse. Their henna + full-body tiger body stripe designs are particularly unique here, for anyone who likes those styles.

These double-wrist, multi-texture gold cuffs are free courtesy of the lucky chair at Dark Mouse. -- A tip for anyone looking to build their jewelry wardrobe: if you add Dark Mouse to your Profile Picks, wait 24-48 hours for it to activate, after which you can come back daily to get a different free jewelry set by tapping the Profile Picks gift giver sign. -- I'm wearing one of these gifts as a necklace here (the gifts rotate out daily). Plus you typically get a whole jewelry ensemble (not just a single piece) -- so generous. Thank you Mouse! *mwuahs*

Stay tuned for an upcoming undies/bathing suit round-up that I'm doing with the smexeh Sileny.
We'll try to coax Gavin into showing some men's underthings too, especially with the Boxers + Briefs Hunt + other mens gifties happening.

Love + fashionista kisses to all!

Teshan2222 Wycliffe
(who's a die-hard sucker for the notty gear


Dress: Ema's Secret - Tinker Dress Group Gift - January subscribo gift (click subscribo, then History, then 2) - free
Bracelet: Donna Flora - Ruby bracelet - group gift (join group in Search for $0L; look in Notices) - free (shown right)
Boots: Mz. Shoes - Long Boots Brick - Shoes & Accessories Hunt #49 (hint: look near fireplace) - free (shown below)
Blonde hair: Magika - Biji - Blonde A (buy fatpack of hairstyles, 3rd tile on floor near entryway for $0L) - free
Hair clips: Noju - Anqitue2-rose hairclipSetB
Tattoo: HUZ-TATS - [HUZ]-Angel - $1L
Skin: Belleza - Alyson Sk Group gift HB (cleavage) - group gift ($250L to join) -
Eyes: Negaposi - Lunar - Water (Large Iris) - $30L
Black hair: Magika - Zita - Black A (buy fatpack of hairstyles, 3rd tile on floor near entryway for $0L) - free
Skin: MeteoRain - *MR-Female Skin(IRINIA) - join group for $0L; touch sign for group gift - free
Eyes: Negaposi - Glass Eyes (Raven) - $30L

Dress: Relentless Couture/Volt - Asymetrical Paint Dress - MM board gift - free
Yellow panties: Aoharu - BT_SpangleSimpleSwimSuit_YellowBlack(Bottom)
Dark Mouse - DM Jade & Pale Blue Necklace 1 - profile picks rewards gift (note: the profile picks gifts change daily) - free
Gold bangles: Dark Mouse - DM Gold Splashed Earring + Bangle - lucky chair gift - free
*NOTE: photogs can grab a free photosphere here (on ground next to the lucky chair; includes a cute red chaise lounge chair prop inside)
Boots: Ordinary - Acinonyx
Tattoo: HUZ-TATS - [HUZ]-Cuteness-Freebie - $1L
Hair: Hairy Situations - Cookie (w/ Full bright) - Nutmeg - Hairy Situations New Release Gift Jan 22nd - free
Skin: Fhang Candy - [FC] Aphrodite//VioletPinkMix/FhangCandy
Eyes: Negaposi - Glass Eyes (Raven) - $30L
Lashes: Cake - Bedroom Lashes
Poses by: Flowey, Niqotine, Af, KatzE, Glitterati, Long Awkward Pose (sorry, was unable to locate current sLURLs for Niqotine and Af)

Monday, 25 January 2010

Day to Night

I found a lovely new shopping sim to explore today, well it was new to me anyway.  It's called  Halca MagSL.  There are only a few stores there so far, but they have some very nice gifts.


++McSkin++201001Group Gift outfit in store (0L)
Coat from LikaRuby - Sim opening gift (0L)

(vive9) Marianne [pale] Nudist - freks/noteeth *light brows (lucky toilet gift)
Hat/Hair: Maitreya (previous gift from Le Look)

....and now I'm going to slip into something more comfortable.

ModdG has created some lovely handrawn nighties, these 3 colours are free but there more yummy shades in store which include a bag.


Modd.G Cosy Dress Jammies _Gift (0L)

BooN DKX456 hair platinum (not free)
LeLutka : la femme - Skin - Estelle Dark Brows (previous gift from Le Look )

Poses: my own creations

Black Babydolls

Just a quick post to show you some cute things I have found on my journeys.

Dress: Tasty: Black Babydoll (includes tights): 5 L
Boots: A.D.D. Andel!: Stompers Black (oodles of other colors available): 50 L today only at Cupcakes Bake Sale.
Cuffs: grasp: Leather Bracelet: group gift
Hair: Posh: Superficial II: Recolor Sunflower/Scarlett: Free (one of 4 free hairs)

Dress: Jill: FPD Lucky Board Dress (can also be worn without turtleneck): Free
Hair: Posh: Rosey Love Recolor Midnight/Platinum: Free (one of 4)

Sunday, 24 January 2010

Omega Point Freebies!

Omega Point is one of the loveliest sims in SL and, you guessed it, they have gifts too! Tired of the same old look in SL? Well, how about wearing some elephants?
omega point_009
Wear them on your head, your feet, your shoulders...well, everywhere! Elephants are love. There are other great freebies there too so check it out!
Outfit and Hair: Omega Point, free
Skin: Curio, not free

Who Wants Chocodots?


Ok it's a quickie BUT - such a cute dress from Sweeter than Candy that I HAD to run out, shoot and blog it before supper! THAT is how cute it is! It's at the main entrance of the store near the 60L Sundays items!

The hair is a lucky chair prize from Little Heaven! My fave place for slightly nutty hair. And yes the skin is the Belleza group gift Alyson - it's 250L to join ladies, but a single skin is worth FAR more than's a great group to belong to because of the amazing service and fantastic quality of the skins you DO get as gifts.

TTFN - Gidge

Horny Mammal

I had a very relaxing evening exploring and shopping in SL this evening.  Look what I found at Norwhal, when you subscribe to the group you receive this bright and fun outfit, it made my day.  I love this store, it's totally my style.


norwhal 2

Duboo also sent out these 'sexy secretary from the 80s' style glasses, I have perfect vision and I don't suit glasses in RL ,so I love wearing them in SL!

norwhal duboo

The pics were taken at Von Trip where the Duboo and Narhwal mainstores are, check it out, great stores here!

Narwhal - Relax-a-ma-cat top and Suspender Leggings, free when you subscribe to group in store
DUBOO*Choucream glasses [Black] (group gift in subscribo)
-Belleza- Alyson MED Group gift HB (cleavage)

Not free
Hair [Shag] - Somewhere Across Forever - black
*Kookie* Pomski Boots  - Coffee Candy

Queen of Eternity

Red Queen has a new 1L hair in store for their group members. I am really loving it. Any hair that covers one eye has my heart a bit since I sort of have an unhealthy love for Jessica Rabbit. Heh. The skin is a group gift from .:o0oEternityo0o:., one of many for males and female you can find in the notices.
Red Queen Eternity Gifts 1
Speaking of notices, this hair from Red Queen, which I blogged previously, is still in the group notices last I checked! I think it works well with the freebie skin from .:o0oEternityo0o:. (which is free in store for all.) Make sure to wander around .:o0oEternityo0o:. because there are freebies and lucky boards for male and female. Finally some man love too! Oh! And the scarves were made by Alexx for her contribution to the Shoes and Accessories hunt in her Shape It Up! location (Yep, I am not the only creator at Shape It Up! Alexx is the cuter and more cool of the two of us ;D)
Red Queen Eternity Gift 2
OK! Hope you only these finds and many kisses to Tesh!!
Skin1: Eternity, group gift in notices
Skin2: Eternity, free in store
Hair1: Red Queen, 1L for group members in store
Hair2: Red Queen, group gift in notices
Scarves: Shape It Up!, SAH gift
Eyes: Curio, not free

*an Happy day*

YEY! Hi again from Mijn! Today seems to be a new xmas day! How many group gifts!!! And all so adorable! I wanna spend a few world about a new store too cutie for dont know it: Happy Finds. It's a cutie store of necklace and if you join the group you can found in notice a necklace and a pair of eyeglasses! I really love that store so much!
Hope you all have a great day*

Look 1 (Left)
Hair: ChiChickie Group Gift #2 - January 2010
Dress: MODERN GYPSY group gift (Join the group in world and you will found a lot of gift inside!)
Socks: STC group gift

Look 2 (right)
Hair: ChiChickie Group Gift #2 - January 2010
Dress: MODERN GYPSY group gift (Join the group in world and you will found a lot of gift inside!)
Necklace & Eyeglasses: Happy Finds group gifts!
Spoon: ~Scribble~ Silver Spoons (Subscriber Gift)