Thursday, 28 January 2010


Feeling a bit whimsical, silly, and playful. The one you love by your side and lots of giggles and tickles! Snuggled up on these amazing Love Hands Chairs, puts you both in the playful spirit.

10 Single Sit animations
3 Chatting animations
11 Cuddle animations

Touch the item to get the menu.

When the menu appears, select which type of animation you would like. Select the specific animation you want to use. Pose balls will appear. Right click the appropriate sexed poseball (blue for males, pink for females, red is unisex) and select sit.

You are looking at the MM version, Shameless Bits MM board gets lockdown every day! First come first hit, they shall get the prize when clock strikes midnight. Good luck!

Shameless Bits: Love Hand

TP To Shameless Bits:

Suri, xoxo

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