Thursday, 3 June 2010

Swimwear: The Less Practical, The Better

Sometimes the least practical things are the absolute cutest. This is so the case with these free crochet bikinis by Crochet! (a store that is new to me + maybe new to some of y'all too) that I happened upon this week.
Here's the backside of this daring floral style. This would be right about the time that my Belleza Brazilian waxed skin would come in very handy. *mwuahs Tricky Boucher*
I'm also showing the hot pink strap version of the free clear tote bag by CoCo that Suri first blogged here. Wow I am so lucky that I own an ipad in SL! Now if only my RL would catch up.
Here I'm showing another cute blue + red crochet "Jamaica" 'kini style that you can grab for free here as well. -- I'm also wearing some of my recent Truth hair purchases, i.e. the reason I have no more $L at the mo'. Damn you Truth Hawks. *mwuahs Truth Hawks*
Here's yet another pretty gift to scoop here, this adorable free white crochet tank top.
Gavin is showing the latest free men's swim shorts + tank gift by Zenith. Kowabunga!
Gavin also found this wearable BBQ for free in the Before Dark hunt -- complete with grilled shrimps (and questionable-looking fish)! -- I really appreciate fun stuff like this that you can wear (so you don't have to worry about whether a location will let you rez stuff or not). -- Btw everyone, Gavin just lurves mustard. It's like, his fave to put on hot dogs. *giggles + ducks*
Now to get bikini ready in RL *winces*. 'Kini love + fashionista kisses to all!

Teshan2222 Wycliffe
(who owns much impractical swimwear, in every life)


Orange crochet skirt: Crochet! - Orange set - free
Green bikini: Crochet! - Flower Straps Bikini -
Tote bag: COCO - Gift_Cleartotebag-Pink - group gift (many more on wall) -
Belly ring: Ganked - Mistress Belly Jewel -
previously free
Hair flower: Atelier AM - Chinise Headpiece *pink - former Red Packet Hunt gift -
previously free
Bracelets: Atelier AM - Plastic Bangle [Project Themeory] -
previously $75L
Ring: Violet Voltaire - Kawaii Cameo Ring: Heart (
free pinata game; not sure if this game is still there anymore; was along the wall, near the front) - previously free
Necklace and earrings: Donna Flora - Vanilla topaz set
Hair: Truth - Akira - chestnut
Skin: Belleza - Elle BR Med (cleavage) - group gift (
$250L group join fee; buy female gift box in store) - free
Shoes: Saikin - Clog Sabot Sandal REST red (*NOTE: the new Saikin SIM just opened + these red clogs are a gift that you can hunt for. This SIM features "hidden apartments" done by various SL designers + this build is
eye popping incredible, but fair warning: these red clogs are not easy to find! *HINT: Falling thru grates underneath 1st floor stairs helps *coughs* ummm who said that?) - free
Blue + red bikini: Crochet! - Jamaica Bikini -
Hair: Truth - Gretel - fudge
White crochet top - Crochet! - Free Flower Tank -
Hair: Truth - Marcelle - auburn
Eyes: Negaposi - Fairy Eyes - Azur
Poses by: Dismporh

Gavin McGinnis:
Tank + swim trunks: Zenith - Beach Boy Wear (Group Gift) - join group for
$0L + touch sign near lucky boards - free
Tattoo: dEVOL - Pray Forever Love Tattoo

Sneakers: 2Real - Pure
Wearable BBQ + animated spatula: RGK -- Grill Anywhere! WEAR ME! + FLIPPER WEAR ME TOO! - Before Dark Hunt Prize (buy coffee cup on 2nd floor for
$0L) - free
Pose by: Long Awkward Pose -
previously free