Thursday, 31 December 2009

thank you anya <3

stuff and things
free: bodysuit - ohmai instore gift; skin - tuli group gift (previously blogged by our pretty ashia! group is 250L to join and the gift is still available in the notice archives); hello seattle tattoo - part of aitui's down the chimney hunt gift
not free: hair - lamb; fishnets - blowpop; forearm tattoos - part of schadenfreude's blue sparrow corset set
pose: so many styles

Vive Anuenue!

These group gifts from Anuenue are so sweet! I feel all....giggly!I think the freebie skin from Vive9 with the teeth option is sweet enough to top off the look! (There are options with no teeth as well.)
Skin:Vive9, free
Dress, Boots, Hair, Hair Clips: Anuenue, group gifts (hair is in store across from where the clothing is)

I Am a Bijouaholic

Bijou gift? Why, yes please! Not sure how much longer it is available so go grab! You can find it in the new release region of the gigantor shop. Love.
The shoes are the group gift from Yourskin & Yourshape for New Years. (I colored the feet white to match the stockings :P) Is this one of the most generous groups ever or what?

The skin is 3L and by a store I *think* is called +m.o.c.h.a.+ (TY Sydd). I saw a link to a freebie vampire skin on GoGo's blog which ended up not being there when I arrived, but a super friendly and adorable lady was there to point me in the direction of two 3L cute skins for New Years.
Dress and Stockings: Bijou, group gift
Shoes: YS&YS, group gift
Skin:+m.o.c.h.a.+, Dimbula Rose Skin New Year's Gift, 3L HERE

Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Coco Treats!

I recently discovered the store Coco....awesome stuff! While raving about it to a friend she asked if I got the group gifts. I hadn't! Turns out Coco has a wall of fantastic group gifts in their store. Check it out!


This dress comes in a fatpack of four colors including this brown color, a black berry color, purple, and black. Fantastic textures!


This gorgeous turtle neck is also free along with these shorts which come with or without the leggings


Here's the blackberry top from the shirred dress pack shown with a truly amazing pair of shiny leggings. Love 'em.


The french inspired modern overalls come in a few colors as well. They can look sexy, cute, or both depending on how you accessorize them!

Style Notes
All outfits are group gifts from Coco
Jess hair past freebie from Truth
Black PVC Boots (not free) from EVA
Birkin Bag (not free) from B.O.S.

Favorite freebie challenge

Hai there!

Casia here, crawling out from the woodwork to say a HUGE, HUGE THANK YOU to the AMAZING designers who have been SO generous throughout 2009! It is SO hard to pick between the fabuloso gifts that we've been given but here is a mix of some of my faves!

fave freebies of 2009 post

BIG thank yous to Maitreya for the AMAZING free hair that they gave at Hair Fair, ATOMIC for the beautiful skin that was given in their lucky chair, Modd.G for the cutest little summer dress that was a Subleties of Summer hunt gift, and Duh! for these awesome clogs that weren't free but were damn close at only 20L a pair!

There are so many fantastic designers in SecondLife that really make the game worth playing! Thanks for making SL such a fashiontastic place to be! Happy New Year everyone!

<3, Cas

Ultra Special

LeLutka is about to release the Ultra Collection. Those of us that were tantalised by the show have been waiting impatiently for this day, one of the masks are top of my list of purchases :P

Shown here are 2 of the 3 gifts that were sent out via the group this evening. At present, there is no joining fee, but this is a group that deserves one of your 25 regardless.

The pieces are stunning and completely open to mix/matching and your imagination. Have a safe and happy New Year, and may 2010 bring everything you want <3 Ash Out.

LeLutka Group Gift
Skin (not free)

Nomine Chair Time

Nomine has tons of items in the lucky chair right now. Gowns, lingerie, sexy ensembles, and my favorite, the babydoll dress.

I'm not even sure of how many of these cute little dresses are in the chairs, but I got these four so far and I know that there are more I have not won. The time is 10 minutes between letters so not too long (but of course you can join an awesome group like Lucky Chair Stalkers to get those letters moving faster ;D).
Dresses: Nomine, lucky chair prizes
Skin: Mango, Mango!, part of the 69L Humpday set
Hair: BP, pretty sure it's not available anymore but I could be wrong

Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Shameless Bits!!

I have been contacted on more than one occassion regarding Shameless Bits!! daily Midnight Mania! Today's MM is a "HAPPY NEW YEAR" pose. It has 3 couple poses inside. Perfect to put inside your house whilst countdown to the new year! Imagine the clock is ticking down. Your house is full of friends. You start screaming out the countdown and now it's the time for the kissing!!!! This Happy New Year sign has 4 great kisses for you all to share and swap around!!


Right click the appropriate sexed poseball (blue for males, pink for females) and select kiss

To play "Auld Lang Syne" click the H.

Shameless Bits!

I usually take my time to edit pics but this is a daily MM thing - so here's the vendor poster!

Slap this MM board @ Shameless Bits:

Suri, xoxo

My Favorite Freebies 09

Sileny IM'ed me last night and asked me if I was going to do a post for my favorites for '09.  Initially hestitant, I woke up this morning with a mental list of hundreds of gifts from so many generous and talented designers.  My hestitancy lies, beyond my sometimes grumpiness, in the fact that it is impossible to pick just one.  I am a certified clothes horse, and while I blog on a "freebie" blog I am fascinated with SL fashion and the stunning creativity of so many people.  Last night I was near tears at the most recent Designer's United collection for the sheer wit and beauty of the collection.  The items are not free but do yourself a favor and go, if not to spend, than to get see the varied works on a vaudeville theme.

In the end, I had to pick for my all time favorite freebie of 2009 to be Poe's Lucky Chair Jeans from SRU.  I have hundreds of jeans in my inventory but these are the pair I always fall back on.  The lucky chair version comes with fantastic hand painted graphics on the legs and back pocket and have several leg options.  The jeans, sadly, are not available in the chair anymore, though you can buy nonpainted ones in the store.  Another favorite of mine was Zeery's Aurora Australis scarf.  Reason?  I had to think about colors as well as think about how to more effectively use accessories.  I also gained a lovely friend in the designer,Zeerya Pyrithea, which has been a true pleasure.  For stockings, I always love the dollarbies at Sock Shop.  I went a bit nuts at Deviant Kitties hair sale earlier this year.  The Alienor style is very similar to my RL hair.  I also love the No No No tattoo, free at Aitui.  There was no shortage of excellent free or inexpensive skin this year.  My favorites were Tuli's Picks gifts and Cupcakes new Daydream and Seduction V.2 lines, which are often available for so cheap it's nearly a sin.

Jeans: SRU: Poe's Lucky Chair Jeans
Scarf: Zeery: Aurora Austrailis
Shirt: Peppermint Blue: Neko Outfit Upper Grey (I got this way back in January - you can probably get it in the collections at the Free Store).
Socks: Sock Shop: Multi Candy Stripe Socks
Skin: Cupcakes: Seduction V.2 Luna
Tatoo: Aitui: No No No
Hair: Deviant Kitties: Alienor
Shoes: Coco: Black Patent Oxford Shoes (not free)

Thanks for the challenge, Sileny.  I could surely do a hundred posts!  Thank you to all the fantastic designers who generously shared their talent this year!  You have no idea how much I admire and appreciate you. <3

Belleza, Baby Dolls, and Amazing Gowns, Oh My!

I have been out shopping and have found some fantastic freebies and dollarbies and I am ready to share!


Shirohato has a bunch of adorable dresses for just ONE linden! Gotta love it!


These are four of about eight of the one linden dresses and all of her other dresses are around 60 lindens! A total steal.


Here's a closeup of the December group gift from Belleza: totally gorgeous skins for men and women in three different tones. It does cost 250 to join the Belleza group but skins like these can run you 1500 lindens and up so its well worth it. I've worn the Belleza skins in all of the photos above so you can see the different versions. Make sure to grab them from past notices in the group before they are gone!


I went for the femme fatale look with this asian inspired dress from +Lika Ruby+. It's another group gift but this group is free to join. Put your tag on and touch the sign in the store to get yours.


With New Year's just around the corner everyone needs a drop dead gorgeous gown and here's one for just one linden from ###Ms... (yup, thats the name!)

Style Notes Photo One & Two

All Dresses 1L from Shirohato
Kurvy White Pumps (not free) from Nardcotix
Black UZU22Hair (not free) from Boon
Hair With Bow (not free) from Sixty-Nine
Anachronism Hair (not free) from Tiny Bird
Blonde Hair Group Gift from Noju (previously blogged)

Style Notes Photo Three
Mens and Womens Group Gift Skins from Belleza (250 linden group join fee)

Style Notes Photo Four
China Dress Group Gift from +Lika Ruby+
SyDS Hair (not free) from SyDS
Replicant Skin (not free) from 42

Style Notes Photo Five
Gift BL Dress 1 Linden from ###MS...
Ilkar Hair (not free) from Paper Couture

Monday, 28 December 2009

Fave Freebie Post

I am hoping to get people from this blog, and other blogs, to post their favorite freebie of the year! Most of us do not thank the designers who give us these awesome treats nearly enough. We forget that it takes real life money, time, creativity and energy to make these gifts for us. So let's say thank you! Bloggers, consider this a blogger challenge. Those of you who don't blog, leave a comment or post on your Flickr streams or Plurk it or Tweet or just send a thank you IM to a creator. What better way to end a year and start a new one than giving thanks to those who make our second lives more enjoyable?
My two personal favorite freebies this year were the Unbirthday Redux subscriber gift hair from Lamb and the Masquerade skin from Street Dermatology. Both are no longer free but that's not the point of this post :P I love them. I bet the vast majority of you who got them do too. So thank you Lamb and Akila for these great gifts, from us!

P.S.- The great shirt is a current freebie. It's by Couverture and is available at the Designers United event. Pure Love.

Oyakin Group Gift

This beautiful dress from Oyakin has me thinking of dusty young women in the lost American plains preparing for the town dance; the mating ritual of vintage corn town folk under tangled Christmas light strewn arches.
The dress can be worn many ways, only two are shown here.

Dress: Oyakin, group gift in notices
Skin: [KA] Designs, free (part of full female avatar freebie and there is a male one as well)
Hair: Pocket Mirrors, not free
Necklace: Eolande's, not free
Poses: Glitterati, not free

Sunday, 27 December 2009

Donna Flora Group Gift

Want some beautiful, unique jewelry? Join the Donna Flora update group and get this lovely set.
Free Donna Flora Jewels
No slurls today, I am trying to figure out my new computer and going crazy o.O But you can find it in search very easily.

Friday, 25 December 2009

Hurry Hurry!

Some gifts that may or may not be gone soon, so go grab while you can!Dress: Wishbox, group gift
Skin: Idiosyncrasy, 0L
Hair: Rezlpsa Loc, lucky chair prize
Boots: MiaSnow, subscriber gift
Boots: MiaSnow, subscriber gift (unisex and no-mistletoe option included)Skin: Idiosyncrasy, 0L
Hair: Little Heaven, 5 minute item camp (one of many)


2 Sassy outfits from a new store on the block, R.icielli for us to get today!

They have been circulating the grid but if you did not get your hands on them, you better do it now! They look hawt!!!

Big hugs to Vilet, thank you for sending the georgeous clothes!!!

Suri C pour Ricielli

Suri Is Wearing:
TOP: R.icielli - FAMEKILLS minitop (group gift)
PANTS: R.icielli - AMY leggings (group gift)

Not free:
Hair from PR!TTY
All other accessories from [[SHADE THRONE]]
Neyya pumps from Maitreya

Suri C pour Ricielli

Suri Is Wearing:
TOP: R.icielli - VICTORIA jumpsuit in rose (Vain Inc. exclusive group gift)

Not free:
Hair from BOON
All other accessories from Glow Studio
Esprit Sandals from Maitreya Gold (color changing straps and strings)

Suri, xoxo

Thursday, 24 December 2009

Belle Belle - IT'S CHRISTMAS DAY!!!

Belle Belle Presents: 12 Days To Christmas hunt.

Belle Belle 12 Days of Christmas

Today is the LAST day of the hunt, I think the best gift is saved 'til last, look at this cutest "gingerbread lovin'" tray set! It's the perfect decor for every kitchen; I like to eat mine on a stone cold floor :P ewwwwww

Belle Belle - Gingerbread Lovin'

Belle Belle - Gingerbread Lovin'

If you get the copybot protection message you need to move either the avi or your camera closer to the gift because there is this wall in front of the display you need to get past to click on the gift. Thank you!!

TP to Belle Belle for your gift!


Belle Belle now has a new expanded area, there's the most amazing stargazer bed and time machine (steampunk theme) I'd ever ever ever seen! If you are after unique designed furniture, look no further! You can really tell Leyla put a lot of effort into creating these amazing pieces.

Don't drink too much, people! You still need to make it back here to read our posts!
Have a great day!

Suri, xoxo


I was super excited to find out Free Speerit has group gift skins under the tree! And it only added to the excitement to find out that Magika has put their Xmas hair releases out for free!
Yes, you get the beautiful skins in two tones, with two makeups each, and the hair is three full fat packs! Yay! Holiday love is in the air!
Skins: Free Speerit, group gifts in store (1L join fee)
Hair: Magika, 0L
Ho Ho Ho Pajamas: Sn@tch @ Winterville Bazaar, 0L (Lots of free/cheap goodness here)


Something For The Men Too

Klam Designs

Klam Design - Stripes Dress Purple & Black (girls)
Black Pants: Le.Look L'homme gift
Klam Design - Rebel Shirt Pack Male (men)

Sneakers: Hoorenbeek - SL Balance (in a variety of colors - totally generous gift!!!). Unisex, check in the subscribe-o-matic history

My Heels are from Anexx, not free.

Suri, xoxo

cherry delight.

Slip into something sexy and free this holiday season with this deliciously yummy cherry red gown from LeeZu.
Leezu subscribo members were treated with this delightful gift, with it's floucy skirt and red gloves. Strap yourself in and take a spin.

Leezu! Gown
LeeZu red gown (Subscribo Gift)

Not Free:
Hair and skin by LeLutka
SHape by Poisoned Decadence (Opening 2010)

Belle Belle - 2 Days To Christmas

Belle Belle Presents: 12 Days To Christmas hunt.

Belle Belle 12 Days of Christmas

Next Gift is this Twinkle tree with nice light effect. Play some music and dance around it!

Belle Belle - Twinkle Tree

Belle Belle - Twinkle Tree


If you get the copybot protection message you need to move either the avi or your camera closer to the gift because there is this wall in front of the display you need to get past to click on the gift. Thank you!!

TP to Belle Belle for your gift!

DISCLAIMER: On request of the designer, we will not blog a picture of the the current gift so it will be a surprise! But they are worth getting!!

Suri, xoxo

Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Shoes and Stuff!

Some shoes and an MM board once midnight hits :P
Candy Cane Skates (w/skating anim!): Tea Lane, 2LBlue Booties: Gbberish, group gift (must go to the store and click the group join sign to join)Grey Booties: Label @ Beauty Avatar sim hunt (not giving direct slurls so you'll just have to wander around and find the ornament, teehee.)

I don't usually post ad pics but my graphics have been crying and I can't get a good picture of anything once I cam farther than like an inch from my av (did I mention how much I can't wait for my new computer? For serious.) and I told the store owner I would blog her MM baord since she is super generous with gifts, so here is the ad pic for the Santa's naughty chair which you can get on the MM board at Shameless Bits starting at midnight.

More Jackety Goodness

Awesome group gift jacket from Muism in the notices. Male and female versions included! Wooo! And check out my cute hair/antlers from Noju. Love.
Coat: Muism, group gift
Hair/Antlers: Noju, group gift (in store)
Skin: SD Designs, free
Tattoos: Sn@tch, Snowball hunt gift (blogged before)
Pants: Sn@tch, not free

CSR FTW (Part Two!)

Cap and glasses from Love Soul for CSR, watch chain from Chronokit

Yes, it's moar CSR! If you don't know about CSR yet, go here and read. There's even a little cute manga that describes how to get CSR cards, stamp them, and redeem them! This post is part 2; part 1 of CSR was here.

Food from Hanauta (pizza) and Feather (interactive macaroon set)

Pigs from Vooner

LPP Couch Set (and skybox by Elate!)

LPP Couch Set (and skybox by Elate!)

Cap with hair from Sweetest Goodbye