Thursday, 31 December 2009

I Am a Bijouaholic

Bijou gift? Why, yes please! Not sure how much longer it is available so go grab! You can find it in the new release region of the gigantor shop. Love.
The shoes are the group gift from Yourskin & Yourshape for New Years. (I colored the feet white to match the stockings :P) Is this one of the most generous groups ever or what?

The skin is 3L and by a store I *think* is called +m.o.c.h.a.+ (TY Sydd). I saw a link to a freebie vampire skin on GoGo's blog which ended up not being there when I arrived, but a super friendly and adorable lady was there to point me in the direction of two 3L cute skins for New Years.
Dress and Stockings: Bijou, group gift
Shoes: YS&YS, group gift
Skin:+m.o.c.h.a.+, Dimbula Rose Skin New Year's Gift, 3L HERE