Tuesday, 29 December 2009

My Favorite Freebies 09

Sileny IM'ed me last night and asked me if I was going to do a post for my favorites for '09.  Initially hestitant, I woke up this morning with a mental list of hundreds of gifts from so many generous and talented designers.  My hestitancy lies, beyond my sometimes grumpiness, in the fact that it is impossible to pick just one.  I am a certified clothes horse, and while I blog on a "freebie" blog I am fascinated with SL fashion and the stunning creativity of so many people.  Last night I was near tears at the most recent Designer's United collection for the sheer wit and beauty of the collection.  The items are not free but do yourself a favor and go, if not to spend, than to get see the varied works on a vaudeville theme.

In the end, I had to pick for my all time favorite freebie of 2009 to be Poe's Lucky Chair Jeans from SRU.  I have hundreds of jeans in my inventory but these are the pair I always fall back on.  The lucky chair version comes with fantastic hand painted graphics on the legs and back pocket and have several leg options.  The jeans, sadly, are not available in the chair anymore, though you can buy nonpainted ones in the store.  Another favorite of mine was Zeery's Aurora Australis scarf.  Reason?  I had to think about colors as well as think about how to more effectively use accessories.  I also gained a lovely friend in the designer,Zeerya Pyrithea, which has been a true pleasure.  For stockings, I always love the dollarbies at Sock Shop.  I went a bit nuts at Deviant Kitties hair sale earlier this year.  The Alienor style is very similar to my RL hair.  I also love the No No No tattoo, free at Aitui.  There was no shortage of excellent free or inexpensive skin this year.  My favorites were Tuli's Picks gifts and Cupcakes new Daydream and Seduction V.2 lines, which are often available for so cheap it's nearly a sin.

Jeans: SRU: Poe's Lucky Chair Jeans
Scarf: Zeery: Aurora Austrailis
Shirt: Peppermint Blue: Neko Outfit Upper Grey (I got this way back in January - you can probably get it in the collections at the Free Store).
Socks: Sock Shop: Multi Candy Stripe Socks
Skin: Cupcakes: Seduction V.2 Luna
Tatoo: Aitui: No No No
Hair: Deviant Kitties: Alienor
Shoes: Coco: Black Patent Oxford Shoes (not free)

Thanks for the challenge, Sileny.  I could surely do a hundred posts!  Thank you to all the fantastic designers who generously shared their talent this year!  You have no idea how much I admire and appreciate you. <3

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Sileny said...

Ooh those are cute jeans! I might have to check out the store.