Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Shameless Bits!!

I have been contacted on more than one occassion regarding Shameless Bits!! daily Midnight Mania! Today's MM is a "HAPPY NEW YEAR" pose. It has 3 couple poses inside. Perfect to put inside your house whilst countdown to the new year! Imagine the clock is ticking down. Your house is full of friends. You start screaming out the countdown and now it's the time for the kissing!!!! This Happy New Year sign has 4 great kisses for you all to share and swap around!!


Right click the appropriate sexed poseball (blue for males, pink for females) and select kiss

To play "Auld Lang Syne" click the H.

Shameless Bits!

I usually take my time to edit pics but this is a daily MM thing - so here's the vendor poster!

Slap this MM board @ Shameless Bits:

Suri, xoxo

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