Monday, 21 December 2009

Medieval Girls <3 Christmas, Too!

Skyler John from Mystic Sky has restocked her lucky chair with a new gown just in time for Christmas.  Ella in a rich green comes with a wonderful cape that would help keep you from freezing while you sang carols (which the church recently relented and allowed) at the tree erected in the town's square.  You have to see the gown up close to truly appreciate the extra time taken to texturize the bodice and skirt front.  Pewter details accentuate the gown and cloak. 

I wanted to show you the detail on the cloak as well.  The cloak is floor length. Go grab some wassail and get stalking! 

Gown: Mystic Sky: Ella gown in green: Lucky Chair or purchase for 450 L
Hair: Mirone: Miaa: not free
Skin: Cupcakes: Seduction V.2: Luna: not free
Necklace: P/A: Noel: Free (see Ash's post) 

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