Monday, 21 December 2009


Some 12 Days of Christmas and MM board freebies! Ingenue is another store releasing 12 Days freebies of high quality that has been overlooked. There are already NINE beautiful free gifts under the tree for you to grab!
For the next few days a new freebie will be placed under the tree. I can't wait!! I'm not even showing all of the gifts, not enough room, you need to go see for yourself!And the MM board prize skirt...yum. I love high waists so this is all extra full of win.
I think these subscribo gift shoes from Narcodix are full of awesome too. Sparkle power!Worn:
Purple Dress, Green Dress, Bracelets: Ingenue, 12 Days freebies
Red Skirt: Ingenue, MM board prize
Shoes: Narcodix, subscriber gift
Hair: !SyDs!, previously blogged HERE (not sure if still available)
Skin: Street Dermatology, new release (not free)
Black Sweater (part of a dress): Luck Inc., not free