Monday, 21 December 2009

On the bauble

One more day to go before I go off on my holiday travels until 1 Jan 2010 (2010 OMG!!), so I'm trying to fit in a couple of end of year blog posts to make up for my lack of blogging this year.

So what do we have here?  Miyoko Magic and I floating around with baubles, these are free in Miyoko's store, you can find them under the Xmas tree with a rideable bauble. Perfect vehicles for Xmas!
This beautiful dress is a gift at Slow Kitchen, it has a layer of floating feathers around the skirt - so pretty!
** Miyoko Magic ** Christmas Ball Flyable
(Slow Kitchen)Holy_night_dress(Xmas_red) (Group Gift in store)
also on Creamy
Skin :GP:Moonbeam [Light] Elf (Curio)Gala & Rita Design Announcements(Group Gift)
Hair/Hat ++AY.LinE++Holly[[Berry]]
*Kookie * Ella Petite flats Valentine (previous free gift)
also on Miyoko
DrLife Skin MixedBlood Honey -Dark- (Lucky Board) Boots: * M'z Lace up boots * Lucky chair
Horns: [ hoorenbeek ] Reindeer Horns
Head bow: Violent Seduction - Glace Head Bow (Snowflake) Previous hunt gift
not free
Kim Shape Miyoko Magic

Hair: !Mingo! black girly hair - Store closed but you can purchase all in full perms

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