Saturday, 12 December 2009

Astarte Sim Hunt

One of my favorite people in all of SL gave me a note about a sim wide hunt she thought I might enjoy. She was right :P The hunt takes place on the Astarte sim and is really pretty easy.
You are looking for sculpted Xmas stockings. Some of them are *really* small, but most of the shops are tiny so it's not too bad. I was introduced to a few stores I had never been to before and all in all I was very happy with this hunt. A real breath of fresh air after all the grid wide monsters!!!
Start HERE at !SyDs! to find the first item. Click the sign in store for information on which other stores in the sim are participating.

Hair: !SyDs!
Dress: Lika Ruby
Boots: ku-ru-mi
Skin: Eureka
Eyes: Goemonya
(All from the hunt, plus there are many more prizes not shown!)

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