Wednesday, 4 March 2009


So far this week has blown bucketloads. It must be a full moon over here, it really does bring the crazies out, all of whom seem to want to talk to me during RL work. I have felt the urge several times to headbutt my desk while chanting over and over "go away". Unfortunately there is no reasoning with the insanity that is my job, so I'll have to content myself with plotting the death of the IT dick who created our website instead.....satisfying :P


Thank god for pretty clothes from one of my favie designers. Project Kiwi is a store I've blogged a couple of times and have really enjoyed seeing the newness from there. This gorgeous denim number is a linden for a limited time. You'll find it at the main store with the new releases. Other colours are available for full price too, if green ain't your thang and such. I've shown it with a necklace from Shiny Things, that is a part of a set, not free, but very versatile due to the nifty gem change script.


These shirts are also a linden from Project Kiwi, again only for a limited time. The jeans! A new store Miasma has these in the fortune teller. You can never have enough jeans in your inv, srsly!


Staying with Miasma, you'll find this cute tank in the camping chairs, along with all sorts of other goodies, such as a tail and jelly bracelets. Yay for awesome new stores!


And last but not least, Leigh in our chatbox talked this up so much I had to grab it! While not free, this pack from Pacadi (formerly Maeva) is choc full of yummy stuff. You'll get the dress, necklace, a skin, and 57457 pairs of leggings on all layers! 295L isn't too much to pay for a preview of the new clothing line, grab it while you can. Now time to get mini Ash so we can play dress ups yay! Ash Out.

Not Free


Lazy Places


Kristin Cabaret said...

I think the second LM you posted for the hair must be broken, I tped there and it said that I wasn't on the parcel's access list...and when I cammed inside, it was a house or something...definitely not a store :[

Ashia Tomsen said...

uh oh!! Lemme fix it!

Ashia Tomsen said...

ok I just checked Minu's profile and apparently LeLutka is closed :(

Tomoyo Breitman said...

LeLutka is suppose to open SOMETIME this week hahaz. if i count 10 days correctly :P