Monday, 8 December 2008

Christmas Tree Head

I'm shamelessly blogging some friends in this post and I don't care, YAY!

Morgan Kincess of Digital Eyes is my friend and I have hardly ever shown her creations on this blog, it's about time I did because she is super talented. Check this gorgeous hair she is giving for the POE hunt.

I'm wearing it with this sexy little Tango outfit which is a POE hunt gift from another talented friend of mine Ghanima Uriza of Blue Blood. This outfit includes a really gorgeous pair of boots which you can't quite see in the pic, the socks are a freebie from Juju's Closet (lots of other items in the freebie box for men and women).

BB Digital Eyes1

BB Digital Eyes 2

This rabbit outfit by Blue Blood is not free, but what the hell, it's so, so cute. This is from Ghanima's new Harajuku collection. There's also a panda version.

Blue Blood Bunny

I really wish I knew BettiePage Voyager of BP*, her creations are amazing and fun. She has given 3 gifts out in her store.

2 cute Xmas hairstyles, fluffy earmuffs and Xmas Tree's (not shown) all free in BP* store



Another fun creator is Mayamaya Indigo, the designer of some of the coolest, most inventive afro's in SL. This one is a group gift in store, join the Mayamaya group and touch the sign at the store. (whoops just noticed Suri already did this hair in her last post, but never mind, here it is again)


Unisex Snowflake Tee: Aitui - FREE, that's 0L (sorry about the error before XD )
Skin: ti'ko (not free)

Oh by the way, did I leave a dildo anywhere recently? I had one returned to my inventory this morning.....oooeer!


Ghanima Uriza said...

wow you combined that outfit perfectly. Love the hairs btw!

Anonymous said...

Where did you get that wonderful skin?

sileny said...

Psst....where is the skin from? Love it.

Xili Parx said...

You blog your friends as much as you damn well please. You are doing a great job. Thanks for keeping me looking great. :)

Green Dream said...

Skin. Source. Name. Now. Kthxbuhbye. <3

Anonymous said...

hello the skin is from ti´ko

Aitui said...

Someone linked me here, Nice blog!

My winter gift charged you?

I`m sorry, it must be some sort of glitch. I have it set to $0L :)

Thanks for showing it on your site!

Anonymous said...

The Aitui T-shirt is actually free, not 1L ;) :D

Creamy Cooljoke said...

Wow Hi Aitui, thanks for visiting us.
Woops, sorry, my bad - I got confused with the price yes it was completely free, I've edited the post :)

To those of you who were asking about the skin, yes anon is right, it's by ti'ko and I'll put that in the post too.

I ballsed this post up a bit didn't I? XD