Friday, 26 December 2008

All Over Bar The Shouting

So it's the end of Boxing Day here. I'm sick, minime is sick and it's official......other peoples kids suck like woa!! Q's hubby has gone home for 5 days, so there is much sadness, txt messaging and token msn sessions!! And digesting (yup ate so much I swear I'm still trying to digest it all XD!)




But! Katatonik always has the power to make me smile, despite myself! Find these yummies under the tree at Axis Mundi. The first one is 25L, the last 2 free. I've shown them here with some amazing jewels from Sanu. Group gifts, so join now, and stay in the group! Also, if you love Sanura's store, for the love of god put her in your picks in your profile. She would never ask, but I can, cos I haz no shame!! She has always been so terribly helpful to me, chatty, accommodating and just totes awesome.


This was a group gift from Analise, shown in a different form by our luffley Suri hurr. The whole outfit screams subtle sex to me, so I had to post it (mostly cos I'm a vain egomaniac who only blogs to see pics of myself *coughs*) Anyhoo, time for that random MSN session ;) Ash out.

Hair And Stuff That Aint Free
Agrace (old group gift)
Dejavu (old group gift)

Lazy Places


Abra Exonar said...
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Abra Exonar said...

ohhh!! Yes, the monocules!! My favorite <33

Look at them closer, here:

Sanura's work is amazingggg!! Go buy it all!

btw, that delete comment was MINE...had to add the link, ;p

Sanura Sakai said...

*laughs* I am so glad that people are liking my things. And yes, if you do like my stuff, join the group and please stay - In addition to my give-aways for each new release (at least one group member will get a new release free with each one), I reward at milestones (100, 150, looking for 200 now) by both gifts in the notice archives -and- sent out individually just to those who are in the group at the time.

Ok... that's about as much self-promotion as I can do in one day. Thanks so much Ash for featuring my stuff! I'm off to make another monocle :P

Sharon said...
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