Saturday, 27 December 2008

Collecting Dresses

I want as many as possible! More dresses, MORE dresses!!


The dresses fairy definately calling on me..what? Collect dresses? Yes, I am doing that!!

Dollette - Rucker Dress (Holiday gift exclusive for the Fashion Consolidated Group)

Shopping At Crush Row

This lovely green dress is by Girls Style, avaliable only at the B11 Mall.


There are 2 lucky doughnuts out at Canimal! They are very lucky indeed, considering I haven't ate them up already..The gifts are so gorgeous, but my initial rarely came up I only managed to win this dress.

Canimal - Rebel Yell in Red (lucky doughnut gift)


If you have not got the notice already, Minnu are changing its name to LeLutka, anyone who is in their update group should now join this one (just search Thora Charron under people if you cannot find this group). There is normally a $250L enrollment fee, but it is free right now. Hurry though! This group has many great gifts to offer!

In the current group notice, you will find 2 gift packages for men and women. I am only showing 2 of the lovely dresses being given.

Archange xmas

Another group that regularly gives out lovely dresses are Archange. This time I am showing this Odette Skirt, which is avaliable in long or short version. Please activate your group tag when getting the dress!

Pretty Necklace worn throughout from Untone Quilt, also includes earrings and headband in 2 variations (not shown)!


Anonymous said...

Hi Suri, pretty skin, where from?

Haruka said...

Is that a Redgrave Skin Suri... looks just like a Redgrave :)

Sugarr said...

start telling us where you got your hair Suri! Thank you!

Wildorchid said...

Suri, you get prettier everytime I read a new post. Love that skin on you!

Suri Christen said...

Hey all, finally got back from work!

The hair featured in my post are from Minnu and truth. Love them both!!