Monday, 21 July 2008


the forever generous moire georgette of comme il faut is holding a creative, fun hunt through july 27th. among the prizes are several skins which are dreamy as hell. there's a sultry vamp quality to them (as you can see in my post about the earlier group special) that would make alla nazimova proud, but don't feel obligated to don a flapper dress when you slip into one of these babies. the skin in the first photo is one of the hunt gifts, and one i felt meshed pretty well with gigi couture's i heart l.a. gift, in a punk rock chola kinda way. aaaaand since i fell in lust with the luscious pout and soft focus prettiness, i chose to show off a regular priced makeup in the second photo, one i felt complimented the stunning new group gift gown from ivalde. off with your heads! or whatever. i just wanted to say that.

photo #1:
skin - comme il faut, hunt gift
i love l.a. outfit - gigi couture, group gift
earrings - bebae, instore gift
stockings - chambre de chocolat group gift
bracelet - bonita's, instore gift

not free:
hair - mirai style, jule (200L for a two color pack)
shoes - urban bomb unit, pornstar hi-tops (595L. i know, i know. but if there's one pair of kicks to save your pennies for, it's this one - there are a million and one coloring/sizing/folding options, and are so worth it)

photo #2:
necklace - ~flirt~, 1L gift at bridal expo (which by the way, i know i did little justice to but you're not gonna find a more charming, versatile pair of pearls on the grid, free or not)
dis gown, silver - ivalde group gift

not free:
skin - comme il faut, catherine (875L)
hair - paper couture, queen of roses (300L)


Creamy Cooljoke said...

wooooh, hubba hubba!!

Bella Baroque said...

<3 your style as always. great post. i especially found your organization skillz impressive ;-)

olivia connaught said...

LOOOL thanks sweetie darlings. for some reason the giant chunk o'organization annoys me lots visually tho. i'll have to scout out a blogger cut code or tag or whatever the fuck as a compromise.

Bella Baroque said...

you guys don't have a "more" option under html in blogger? eep, that sucks :(. i heard its harder to do cuts then in wordpress. well i was being sarcasiclicious anyway but i know that took a lot of time and effort. pleasing the anons, god bless ya ;-)