Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Here Comes The Bridezilla

If you've been following the comments in the last few days, you would see that our luscious Liv has been getting all hawt and heavy with Anon. This culminated in a proposal, and now lovely readers, our Liv is slsingle no longer!! So this post is for her and all you slbrides out there!! There is a bridal expo happening right now as we speak, showcasing the best of sl bridal wear and jewels, and of course giftys for you.

bridal expo_007

bridal expo_006

bridal expo_005

Perfect for the night before the big day, get sloshed, wear a veil made of condoms, and behave rather badly feeling up the groinal region of a long haired, over muscly stripper!

bridal expo_003

bridal expo_001

Ain't this dress the shit! You wont find this at the expo though, it's from G & N Design, and it's only free for this week. I saw in the lobby wedding invites from the designer. What a lovely way to celebrate her wedding, giving you lot a stunning dress. Give her a massive huggle if you run into her.EDIT:, It's the designers first wedding anniversary, yays!! See lurve can last! xxx

bridal expo_008

This dress is a gift from the expo, perfect for leaving your reception in style!

bridal expo_004

The ultimate in wedding night attire, boy shorts and a tank, woot!!! Now I'm off back to rl work, and it's also my rl birthday, so I expect comment lurve, and shoes.......lots of shoes!!! ;)

Bride's Dress
G & N Design

The Most Perfect Pearls Ever
Flirt @ The Bridal Expo

Hair (not free)
Shop Seu

PJ's, T-Shirts and Black Formal Dress
Bridal Expo

Hair (not free)


Bella Baroque said...

LMAO!!! Nice Ash, nice, hehe. I haven't been asked to be a bridesmaid yet *taps her foot and crosses her arms*. I'm sure she just is busy planning.... thaaaats it. Personally Liv, I think you should borrow that noobalicious dress Creamz showed us today. And then let me borrow your razor because I think I'll need to slit my wrists after witnessing that disaster. YIKES!

I digress.... what I was getting at is CUTE PICS ASH!

Creamy Cooljoke said...

Ooh yes, I'm gonna wear that dress in all of its non-flexi, spikey glory and outshine the bride on her big day :D

Gorgeee post!

Amber said...

Happy RL Birthday!!

MoxZ said...

Happy happy birthday Ash! Wewt!

britta bloch said...

happy birthday ash!!

Adaire DeCuir said...

Yay happy birthday, Ash! Very clever post, I might add. :))))

Sherpa said...

I's my RL birthday on the 22nd too! Happy birthday, birthday sister.

Bella Baroque said...

OOOoooo HAPPY BIRTHDAY ASHFACE! have a good one babe <3

olivia connaught said...

happy birthdayaaaayayay ash!

bella, idk, i think i need something with less flexi if that's possible. and lots of bling. AN ALL BLING VEIL. OH YES.

Georg Stonewall said...

Hi Ashia,
first of all, Belated best wishes!
With my wife together i am the owner of "G&N Quality Design". I just found your blog and we wish to say thankyou for this nice Post about our "Free Gift of the week". And btw, it was not our wedding it was our fist wedding anniversary :-)
You have a nice blog. Keep up the good work!
Best wishes Georg Stonewall and Nikki Heron

Ashia Tomsen said...

Oh wow!! Congrats to both of you!! I'll amend the post, and the dress is stunning so thank you for shareing it with us. And fankyoo goils for the bday wishes, I'm fecking old now XD!!

Shrutters said...

heheh very well written ! great bloggie guys xx