Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Birfdays, Brains And Bliensen

Remember when it was my rl bday? I said I wanted shoes, and a certain someone paid attention to me (makes a nice change XD!)


These gorgeous Mary Janes are called Serenity, they're from Unique Needs. I'm showing them with the new group gift from the lovely Tuli. It's called Amicitia, really a stunning dress.

Brain Hunt

Brain Hunt

These are my fave finds from the Ravenwear brain hunt. I have a thing at the moment for kyoot short dresses!! Also worth mentioning, Sai Pennell from Imperial Elegance is giving away an amazing AO at her main store, and is retiring a whole wall of shtuff. Everything on said wall is 1L, and will soon be gone for good. I grabbed an amazing tail, and modeling stool, as well as some new poses which weren't a linden (I have a not so secret pose obsession!)

Pic 1
Tuli Group Gift

Shoes (not free)
Serenity Mary Janes
Unique Needs

Pics 2 & 3
Ravenwear Hunt Dress
A-Bomb Dress
Ravenwear Hunt

Blienson & Maitai
Ravenwear Hunt

Boots (not free)
Lazy Places

Hair (not free)

Tattoo (not free)


Anonymous said...

aaarrrrghgghhhhhh... I want ALL those dresses, shoes, hair... and that AO from Sai!!!

... give me inworld time! :/

Byootiful as ever, Ash!

Bella Baroque said...

you are a freeberz machine! and a cute one too!!! i'm so impressed with your posts, always so fresh and great stuff. nice work ash! and cute shews ;)

Ashia Tomsen said...

AMES!! I miss you like woa! heehe fankyoo bellaboo <3