Thursday, 31 July 2008

Sissy's Head (I wanna get inside it!)

Yup, Sissy Pesoa and Four Yip are 2 people in Phil's Place whose creativity fascinate me. Sissy has outdone herself this month, with not only a folder full of outfits for the group, but skins too. But that's not all.....

Baiastice Group Gift

Baiastice Group Gift

Here's the group gift (skins not shown) you get the dress, and 3 different shorts to wear with the yummy top. Then get to the main store to pick up the most amazing pressie yet. You'll get a wardrobe, rez it some place you know there's a few spare prims. Inside the wardrobe will be outfits, accessories, skins and an avatar. You need to open these individualy and copy them to your inventory. This month Sissy brings you "Granny's Wardrobe"

Baiastice August Gift

Baiastice August Gift

Baiastice August Gift

Baiastice August Gift

Baiastice August Gift

It's all here kids, from hats, to shoes, skins, hair, shape, bags and everything else you need to run round the grid as possibly the best dressed nana ever!! (I've shown the outfits with my shape and skin.) Fankyoo Sissy, you're made of awesome!

Pics 1 & 2
Baiastice Group Gift

Hair (not free)

Boots (not free)
Lazy Places

All Other Pics
Everything Shown
Baistice August Gift-available from the main store.


Cassie said...

^_^ Awesome stuff. Just wanted to add also that even though the skins weren't shown, they're AMAZING. And these pics are gorgeous, but you have to see the outfits for yourself to really appreciate the unbelievable detail. (I absolutely love how the zipper in the 'pretty and young' outfit doesn't go all the way up, like an old lady trying to fit into what she used to wear. ^_^)

Ashia Tomsen said...

hehe and it's detail like that that makes me ant to get in Sissy's head!!!

Amethyst McMahon said...

oh boi... poor kitty missing all these scrumptious goodies and purrty Ashia too! *me sad*

Dontcha just lurve byootiful, talented and generous designers too! :D

Anonymous said...

You should visit Zaara mainstore and get the freebie over there and sit on the lucky chair :D I've got an incredible outfit there <3