Sunday, 29 June 2008


Who wants a quickie with me before I go bed?

I was walking around Takaraduka today (great shopping place) and I stumbled across this fantastic store called Ume Mode, check out this jewellery set and headband which was free (or 1L) in store. The punky hair worn here is Jule by Mirai Style (200L for 2 colours) and the mucho prettyness skin is Tuli Celeste [light/1] ~ dawn (freckled) whch was a previous group gift, but you can buy it in store.


Twosome have released a funky retro style 1L top and it will only be at this price until 1pm SLT tomorrow, this one is in juicy orange and brown colours, there are more luffly colours in store at full price.


Rasetsukoku sent a notice to fashcon that immediately attracted my attention, I liked the sound of this store, so off I popped over there. A really great fitting pair of scorpion jeans and teeny gothic top here for free or 1L. Can I just say free, meaning free or 1L? I keep forgetting.


Lastly but def not least is these versatile beach shoes which are a group gift from the :: Sixty-nine :: Group, they come in various sizes and can be worn by men and women. Looove dems!

69 group gift

Can I go bed now? Who's coming?

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Anonymous said...

ooohhhh... you get me all droolin', Creamy!

Can you whisper in my ear which eyelashes you are wearing? <3