Sunday, 29 June 2008

Alive & Kicking

Well, it's Sunday again and that can only mean one thing... time for G to get off his @$$ and make a post. I know, you don't hear from me as often as most of my esteemed colleagues but rest assured I am out there scouring the grid for freebies to share with all my SL bros. So if you are, or know, a guy on a budget I am here (in the words of the exalted Busta Rhymes) to get you all in check!!

Now I am not one to hold a grudge but this plain gray T from Grudge Designs has me second thinking that stance. The shading is subtle but well done and no gaudy over sized logo makes this a great find for just... that's right.. dolla dolla bill ya'll! A trip to Sidewalk provided this kickass pair of frayed jeans that are part of a full outfit (shoes and shirt included) they offer up for free. Once again I can't get enough of Philotic Energy's "Faris" hair which you can snatch off the cheapie tree for just $1L. I am all about the accesories and when I ran across a unisex gift box from Made For You that had this brown leather armband I was more than happy to slide it on. On the other wrist I donned EnVenom's "Gummi Bare Licorice" braclets which I have blogged before ($1L).

While I was at Grudge Designs I picked up this "Eulogy" T for just $75L and that gives me enough reason to hop on my soapbox. We all love free items in SL but when you do have a few extra lindens to throw around don't forget to spend them with all the gracious designers that have been clothing you for next to nothing. [Steps off his soapbox] AB Apparel also has a $1L outfit for the bois and the jeans inside are simply stunning.

At this point I am sure you all have been spying my waist and saying "Why hasn't he mentioned the belt!?!" Good things come to those who wait my friends. This week Mechanism released their hunter's belt and a tank which Ashia rawked in a prior post. The belt is free but the tank is group gift and although I know Adaire would rather see me dead than wearing a tank top I suggest you join their group and give it a try. The shorts are also from Mechanism (is it becoming obvious I love this store? lol) and can be had for $180L. Those who know me well will not be surprised when I reveal that I am a total SHOE WHORE and when I heard Monogrind had a pair of combat boots as a group gift I nearly borked my index finger clicking my mouse to add them to my inventory.

I know... I am dragging this one out but there was just one more item I wanted to showcase and that is the first T-shirt that I can claim as "MINE". With a lil free time on my hands I have decided to start my own line which I have dubbed "Guerilla Gear". You can pick up my first creation for free at the Home of Freestyle or just shoot me an IM and I would be glad to send ya one.

With that being said I am gonna hit the sack and wish you all well... wherever you might be.


Anonymous said...

Tank boi - kewl blog, great looks! :)

Adaire DeCuir said...

Yay! Guerilla Gear! Looks great, G!! Cool of you to put it out at Free*Style too.

Oh...and no tank tops for youuuuu!! *shakes angry fist*

Valentina Ott said...

and what about your razorblade necklace? thx

Gecko Gorilla said...

The necklace is Sinistyle's Cutthroat which you can pickup for $200LHERE

Valentina Ott said...

thx..they r really cute

Creamy Cooljoke said...