Friday, 27 June 2008

Mine, Mine, Mine!

Mine, all mine (cue echoing witchy like cackle)! Gloating much Ash? Why yes.......yes I am. The brand new Silent Sparrow lucky chair gift is all mine biatchipoos. It's green, it's fabulous and of course mine XD! Here's the rules kids, from the mouth of one of my fave designers on the grid:

"IMPORTANT RULES!!!please do NOT call letters in chat OR randomly im/tp people in the group. IM your friends *laughs* there are 2k people in here and some people don't like random teleport offers. even if it is for a neat suit :3



Goes fantastically with this unbelievable hair Creams blogged just below. Still can't get over the fact it's only a linden, everything about the hair is so lovingly done, as with the suit! Perfect partners in every way! Stay tuned for frolics in the forest with me and Artie (my version of tiptoeing through the tulips XD!)

Silent Sparrow Lucky Chair

Tekeli-li - Eve 1l


Anonymous said...

welly-well... at least that's one less "A" to shove outta my way to that chair! *bwahahahahah*

olivia connaught said...

YUM. silent sparrow's chair is, like, the only chair that's ever consistently good to me. *glares menacingly at crimson shadow and aoharu* :D

Creamy Cooljoke said...

Oooh wow green goddess - love this!

My letter comes up quite a lot on Lucky chairs but there is always about 10 other 'C's in the room and I'm too slow.

Eden Knoller said...

Mine Mine MIne... I want!