Saturday, 28 June 2008

Feels so natural

As always on a Saturday, Surfine produce a new weekly free gift for you. This dress is so pretty with brown pink and white flowers, great for a summer day. I would wear this in RL, if it was warm enough and my legs weren't so hairy.



The dress works so well with this beautiful skin which is the new creation by Rosemary Galbraith of Rosemar and Mimi Coral of Cupcakes. It took me some major tweakage of windlight settings to show you this in it's true light, I wanted the cute spattering of freckles and the natural makeup to show through in the photo's, not easy with windlight but I think I managed in the end.

This particular skin tone (golden - rainbow) looks great with light coloured sunkissed hair, the style here I won on the lucky chair at TekuTeku (thankies to Mel of Grid Expections for the TP)


These are the other 6 tones available, freckled and unfreckled variaties, you will also recieve more skin tones if you join the Cupcakes group, I believe this is also 250L joining fee (like Rosemar), but again well worth it for the amount of great gifts Mimi gives away.

rosemar cupcake 1

rosemar cupcake 2

Hangten Dress: Surfine, free for 1 week
Birthday Suit Skin: Rosemar (group gift - 250L joining fee)
Cream (rainbow_gold) Hair: TekuTeku (lucky chair)
Brown Hair Club Kaya: TekuTeku This was a previous gift at Club Kaya (not sure if still available)
Tattoo: SLoves
Jewellery: Onigiri (free)
Bluegold Eyes: Blue Blood (not free)

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Anonymous said...

YAY for freckles! ;)