Sunday, 8 June 2008

50 Neko First Dates

I couldn't help but make a bad pun on that movie's title, because it captured exactly what G and I were up to yesterday. All kinds of different things you could do on a date in SL. Well, I can't promise they're overly normal things, but things to do just the same. And when G djs at the Zodiac Lounge in City of Lost Angels on Thursdays, he shows up as a junkie neko boi and pulls it off perfectly. It's highly questionable that I pull off his vampire girlfriend at all when I go listen to him, but I do my best. As for the neko thing, some of you have given me some great encouragement, so I thought I would give it a whirl with G and see what happened.

I was finally able to get to Rezzable's Aloha beach yesterday after G and I visited NekoGear. There's nothing like showing up at NG and seeing DarkLour Watanabe, the owner and probably the most badass-looking male neko in SL, in lifeguard gear! Yup, he's just made some kyoot beachy Neko clothing and lots of it is free!

I don't normally go for clothing with logos on it, but the logo is subtle and check out the ah..."details" on the kini top! I'm wearing the free flip flops and kini, and we're sitting on the free NG towel. I also have on the "Pirate Bead Bracelet from Accessories by Eolande that was a lucky chair gift.

The skin is a really gorgeous gift from the opening of Velvet Island, Bianca Foulon's new and very posh shopping sim. There are hearts all around the sim - find them to receive some equally posh gifts! This skin is called "Adriana" and it's from a LessThan3 gift heart. The "Kensei" hair from Truth is a recent dollarbie and the FlipSide "Starz" tats are available for $200L. My neko "Rent Punk" ears are from SWEET LEOnard and the tail is from Hybrid (both are not free).

Gecko has on the free NG trunks and flip flops as well as a free necklace and bracelet that is in a freebie-specific section loaded with good stuffs. His Belleza skin is available for free for group members in-store and the "Danny" hair is a dollarbie from Truth. The Hybrid "Counter Culture" ears and "Wasteland" tail are both available for $200 each.

Thundercats, hooo!!!

Yep, we turned into ninja cats in Straylight to goof off a bit after we got these freebies from Muism. (Don't all great ninja fight scenes happen while running on tops of trees with swords? Or was that just Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. That was the thought behind the location. Meep.) I'm wearing the "Sweet Peach Kimono" and he has on the "Sasaki Kojiro" outfit.

The poses we're busting out are by 5ifth Order. If you ever wanted to look badass with a sword, a gun, or even your fists, you want to visit Jonny Dusk's shop. Inspired by comic books, video games, and his own vivid imagination, he makes the most unique poses in SL hands-down (and they're great for all of the goofy adventures I like to go on and take pictures of, lol). There are also some nice fashion poses for both guys and girls. This "Non-Combat Sword Animation Ovverider" is available for $1350L, or you can pick up individual poses for around $100L each.

The Mushashi blades aren't even close to free and I'm an idiot just for buying them for fashiony pics, but Muism has cool free katanas to complete your look.

Here's a close up of the kimono and the very lovely skin Bianca F is giving out at Velvet Island in her hunt for hearts.

After the ninja cat shenanigans, we decided to get a little casual chic and go to my favorite blues bar, Toby's Juke Joint Blues Club. For our last Neko date, I have on the Zenith freebie dress from the Don't Ask opening Ashia blogged, and it's available just until tonight, so go get it!

The bag is a group gift from GaZoV Designs that is also available in-store. You must pick this up to at least see the kyoot box it comes in that celebrates soccer! The silver bangles are free from Lapointe & Bastchild's awesome sauce freebie area. The "Micha" hair is new from Philotic Energy and is available in a 3 color pack for $199L.

Gecko is wearing the Lapointe & Bastchild's Retro "Sunday Fade" shirt in light blue that is also in their delicious freebie room of goodness. The rest of his items are non-free but quite nice (hey, cut him a break - he hasn't been at this too long!), including jeans from Dutch Touch ($150L), Urban Bomb Unit "Sk8trs" shoes ($395L), and Ekstras' Ginza Wristband ($75L). The lurvely pic is courtesy of The G. [grins]

All in all, I'd say it was a good day. Stay tuned for more shenanigans and freebies. There is so much going on in the fashion world that I can barely keep up!


Amethyst McMahon said...

*meows* - just about the kyootest 2 cats around! :D

Anonymous said...

I see that hand.......haha

Adaire DeCuir said...

Oh lordie, would you believe me if I told you that I didn't notice till you said something, Spice?? LOL!! Whoops...

Gecko Gorilla said...

I, for one, am much happier it's the hand there and not the sword :)