Sunday, 8 June 2008

Easy Like Sunday Mornin'

I started my day in typical Sunday morning fashion.. VERY hungover and wondering if I would roll out of bed before noon struck. *Plop, plop, fizz, fizz* A lil Alka Seltzer helped me clear my head and I hopped on SL to start my hunt.

Even though I was wearing nothing more than a pair of basketball shorts in RL I figured that SL may require something more. A quick click on the hoorenbeek subscribe-o-matic provided me with a very comfy Amsterdam Ringer T to get things started. Next I was able to pick up a braclet courtesy of Maylo Designs at the Cybertopia Bay Grand Opening Gift Shop (kudos to Voshie Paine for this tip off). Although they weren't free, the pair of Indulgence Distressed Jeans ($150L) fit quite well after loosening them up a bit. If I was gonna be presentable I better have a decent pair of shoes to wear so I slid on some black creepers that I picked up at SF Designs and I was ready to roll.

The Alka Seltzer was working it's magic but when that sun hit my eyes I realized I was gonna need some shades. Kalnins Optics group gift did the trick. I was able to detect other avatars and give them a friendly smile (they are heavily scripted which was a welcome surprise).

About that time some business contacts IM'd me so it needed to spruce myself up a bit. After a quick shower I threw on Indira Bekkers "Faith" suit and matched it with a grey shirt and tie from Vidal that I had previously grabbed from the Cybertopia Bay Gift Shop (do these people have a main store? If so, I wasn't able to find it but they do have several shops not only in Cybetopia Bay but strewn about the grid if you use the Search feature). The skin you see is free from Belleza which is a rare find for us guys.

While I was at it I figured why not accessorize a bit... so I threw on Bastchild Designs Silver and White Sapphire Band. I also made myself a bit more presentable with a fat pack of Truth's dollarbie Kensei hairstyles.

Meeting over... ready to relax. I searched through an overflowing gift bag from Valiant and found their Relax Blue Shirt and Tan Cargo Shorts were perfect for chilling on my patio with a cocktail. Reaction charcoal thongs ($70L) complete this outfit.

Now, it is no surprise to those who know me well that I have earned the nickname "Socks" for reasons I won't expound upon on at this time, hehe. Those cocktails got me in the mood to sack out on the couch with not much else on. I let my clothes fall to the floor and was left with nothing but a pair of white boxers from Sartoria Italiana and what else but a pair of socks that I picked up from INDI Designs. (They have a brilliant freebie scheme where they release one item of an outfit per week and at the end you have an entire matching set.)

So as I lay here looking at the clock and realizing it is actually Monday I hope you can enjoy the rest of your week with some new stylish threads for next to nothing. And.. for those of you who question my skillz, YES.. I did this all without Adi's superior fashion sense so hopefully it wasn't too unbearable lol. G man OUT.


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Adaire DeCuir said...

Of COURSE you had to get in your undies on your second post, rofl!! Great post darlin. <3

Bella Baroque said...

my freebie alt boi thanks you G! (he's a little experiment in finding guy freebs i had a while ago. but today i dusted him off to get him all cute!)