Friday, 30 May 2008

Hunting Honey

Today I'm showing some of my favorite outfits from the Vanity Treasure Hunt. Some really amazing designers are participating and I made some awesome finds!

Vanity Hunt

Vanity Hunt

Vanity Hunt

These lovely outfits are from INDI Designs, total yum!

Vanity Hunt

This smexeh number is thanks to InStyle

Vanity Hunt

And this sex on a texture leather dress is from Ibizarre. Ash=sex kitteh!!! A huge thankyou to all the designers taking part. There are so many stores I love and some I have just discovered thanks to the showcase at Vanity Universe.

Next up is quite possible the cutest shop on the grid! Honey Shop is full of darling dresses and the non freebie items are so reasonably priced I had to spend......I just had to I tell you!! There are 3 lucky chairs here and also a huge freebie vendor. You just scroll through and pick the outfit you want. Alot of the textures displaying the outfits in the vendor have prices on them, but they are indeed free.

Honey Shop

This first dress is the one that I just had to buy. It's only 50l and look at the kyoooot!!

Honey Shop

This coat is from the freebie vendor, tres smex!

Honey Shop

And look at this gorgy dress!!! All flouncy and frilleh woot!!! I shall be flouncing all round the grid now!!

Outfits 1,2,& 3
INDI Designs

Outfit 4

Outfit 5

Vanity Universe Treasure Hunt

Coat & Dresses

Worn Throughout

Hair - Sexy Hair Caramel Brown (not free) woot a lighter colour, now I just need it in blonde!
Shop Sau

Ears (not free)
Body Politik

Tattoo (not free)

Mothers Day Amethyst Heart (1 linden for 24 hrs)

Manicure (that doesn't match any of the clothes but I refuse to take off cos it's yellow!!!)
Candy Nails @ Juicy
The slurl will take you to GiGi Couture, turn right and walk a little way till you come to candy nails, the gift is just outside the door of the store.


Anonymous said...

*gasp* Ashia... you are just sooo lurvely and those textures just glide off my screen - SLINKY!

Ashia Tomsen said...

awww thank you Ames!!! You ish slinky kitteh too woot!!!

Anonymous said...

Your shape.... wow!

britta bloch said...

you always look so lovely ash, great finds!

btw, i love the polaroid frame you've been using, it's cuute :)

Ashia Tomsen said...

Thankyou so much Britta! I've sent you a lm inworld for a store you can get a polaroid hud

britta bloch said...

thanks ash, you're the best! <3

Gidge said...

Okay I am going to poke my own eyes out. I went ALL over there and found tons o'stuff and did NOT find those pants (second and third pic down).
(I really like them can you tell?)
ANY idea where the box was for them? Or who SELLS them bcse at this point I will BUY them! =
Gidge Uriza

Jamie Holmer said...

hey gidge! you will find the pants you are looking for on onrez and sl exchange. search for "valentina" or "indi designs" then it has to work :)