Saturday, 31 May 2008

Flower Power

Mucho quickness, I only found out about this today. Gigi Couture has a lovely flower dress outside the store but today is the last day so hurry girlies.

Flower Dress : Gigi Couture (free)
Hair: Kurotsobaki (approx 100L)

Fricka Morgath has given her Frick update group a selection of stunning skins based on Another Shop skins (7 skin designs and manicure and pedicure, all with such creative, inventive designs. TP to the Frick store and click the sign to join the group for these. *UPDATE* when I went to collect the LM, the skins are now in a box in front of the subscribo sign. You must take a look around this store, you will be amazed at the prices of these beautiful skins, including lots more for free.


Click for closeups
gg_011 gg_010

gg_009 gg_008

gg_007 gg_006

All skins by Frick (free group gift in store)
Grape Earrings: [ PERTURB/ation ] (Group Gift)
Crusty Nugget Ring: Ki2 (Starlust) this was free in the store, I'm not sure if it is stil available but it's worth checking
Black Anna May Hair : Le Salon (group gift)
The Short Hair in Silver: Armidi (not free)


Candy Lemmon said...

I found Fricka Morgath's shop a little while ago when I was looking for a new geisha skin, and I had a hard time not buying the whole store!

Nice to see her getting the attention she deserves.

Anonymous said...

mmhhh... those lips on Fricka's skins are just totally kissable! Great blog, Creamy

Ashia Tomsen said...

you look awesomes!!! I ran to get that dress, it's too kyoooot!

Cheri Pye said...

They all look so wonderful on your cute shape babe <3

Creamy Cooljoke said...

These skins are fabboooo, I can't believe the price of them :))