Friday, 30 May 2008

The Reluctant Neko

When I first tp'ed into into Izumiya, my first reaction was, "Woah." (Not to be confused with Joey's "woah" from the tv show "Blossom." It was more like a Keanu Reeves kinda "woah.") I grabbed my girl IsabellaGrace Baroque ("Bella" for short) of Who let the dorks out? fame and we both attempted to figure out what we should do with this giant heap of freebie lurve. The conversation went something like:

A: So how about we be nekos?
I: I don't really do the neko thing all that well.
A: Me neither. I'm completely crap.
[a few moments pass while contemplating]
A: Let's do it!
I: \\o//...

All of the items from Izumiya are either free of $1L, but there are so many freebies and dollarbies that I couldn't keep track of which was what! It's like a shopping spree up on the 2nd floor!

I have on the Izumiya "Bad Cat" pendant, cat hip bag, and one of the tank tops in the Izumiya tank top set. I also have on Tuli's "Emily" group gift skin and blue cat eyes that are a subscribe-o-matic gift from Tesoromio, one of my new favorite stores! The subscribe-o-matic has a ton of free gifts stored in it - just click it and look through the history. I picked up a stack of bracelets there because I just couldn't help myself (not free). The boots are those kyoot free Katatonik on Axis Mundi legwarmer boots I keep blogging.

The ridiculously awesome low-riding dark denim that goes with everything jeans are a lucky chair prize from Fluky, another one of my favorite stores for reasonably priced and adorable clothing. Fluky has a wall of free and dollarbie stuff that is totally worth checking out too. The designer, Bronwen Llewlyn, has a great sense of humor that you can see in her designs and zany little things she has in her store (and in her subscribe-o-matic!).

Other non-free stuffs include the neko ears from [OZ] Hiding Place, my new *DP* yum yum hair ($120L I think), and the +Plus leather gloves that were a great buy for $50L (check out the shop every month for a new freebie!).

Bella has on Izumiya's cat tattoo, key pendant (comes in a set of 4), coveralls, and bracelets. She also has some gray leg warmers that were a Kurotsubaki group gift (no longer available). The non free items include her Mia Snow 2 skin, Neko's Obsession tail, "Hello Kitty" SWEET LEOnard ears, and Urban Bomb Unit PornStars.

I'll watch over you, Kitteh Bella! Awwz. We are kyoot nekos, even if reluctant ones, no? The pose I'm busting out to sit next to Bella was a freebie from one of my favorite pose shops, Vital.

And I couldn't help but have us cheese near some of the cheeky signs in Hysteria. Same gear on, but I'm also holding the "Bad Cat" stuffed animal from Izumiya (who is naughtily smoking a ciggie) for $10L. But nope, no drama here. Just neko-ness.

Bella trotted off to more exciting things, and I snapped one more pic using one of the MANY free poses from Izumiya. I tell you, this place is a goldmine. The only new thing I am wearing is a scarf from Kittylicious that I got as a freebie from the German Fashion Expo. (Please forgive me but yer on yer own finding that stall - no time today for link crusading, alas.) And not a sign of bling anywhere. [grateful sigh]

Two reluctant nekos over and out.


britta bloch said...

you're both adorable nekos!
i don't reckon i do it very well myself, but i still think it's cute.

Bella Baroque said...

Thanks Britta! She's way more bad-ass than me as a neko. I mean I wore pink and Hello Kitty ears, come on now, hehe. I believe the missing lines in our convo went like dis:

A: This stuff makes me like... wanna be neko
I: I'm the biggest half-assed neko I know. I just think they're cute. I have no attitude whatsoever.
A: Me too. We suck.


Great posty mah friend in kittehness and thanks for the linky to Dorks! WE <3 U MUCHLY!!!!!

Adaire DeCuir said...

<3 to Bella and ty so much Britta! xx

Anonymous said...

Izumiya totally rocks. And you can almost find some Izumiya in the Peppermint Blue Assistance Packs from Alice07 Barzane. (almost).

And there is a new one coming out this weekend........shhhhhh! Do't tell that I told!

- Gidge Uriza

britta bloch said...

the hello kitty ears were cute though! ;x

Amethyst McMahon said...

kittehs! you be sexxay! =^.^=

Ashia Tomsen said...


Nivaya Barbosa said...

I was wondering when someone would blog Izumiya, it's like, Japan's best kept secret :D

Cheri Pye said...

I tried the neko thing once and failed miserably! Although I ventured into goth realms when I began SL :)

Really great post, I love the shots <33