Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Hello from Creamy

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Welcome to my first blog one and all. I decided to create this blog as I am excellent hunter-down of fab free stuff and I'd like to share my finds with all you girls and guys. Yep, I will try my best to find guys stuff too.

Creamy is not my main Avatar, she's a sort of side project, to see how lovely I can get her to look with as few Lindens as possible. You won't find Creamy in any outfit or skin which is nothing less than she deserves, she's a classy chick with no money but she will never beg from others...that's bad SL etiquette. Of course if someone offers to give her something she won't turn it down.

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This first blog is just a small one, so it's just about the one outfit today (pictured above). This beautiful dress is called Lucia from Bossa Nova, you get 2 dresses in the folder, 1 black and 1 white and you can mix them up. Bossa Nova is a gorgeous little store which often does fab freebs, it's worth joining the Bossa Nova group as (name) often gives out freebie outfits, when you join the group be sure to check past notices for any freebs.

My skin is a group freebie from Minnu, it's called Hollywood Gloss, very 40's looking - I love it, I couldn't believe my luck when I got this for free as Minnu is one of the best skin makers in SL right now. If you join the Minnu group quick and look at past notices you can grab this skin while it's still there.

My hair is called Olivia from Diversity, it goes perfectly with this skin for a 40s sort of look. If you are under 30 days old, grab a voucher from Diversity and you can choose any hair you want from the store. Diversity also have guys and girls 1L hair at the back of the store.

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The Mary Jane Shoes are also from Diversity/Digit Darkes, only 1L, this is the silver pair but you can also get a gold pair for 1L

The black pearl necklace is from Yummy at Tableau, (1L) for a box of necklaces, brooches and handbags. My earrings are from Amaretto, they come in a 1L outfit set which includes a dress and jewellery which I will blog later.

Hope y'all liked my first installment, sorry about the dodgy layout. I'll get there in the end.

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Diversity/Digit Darkes -

Amaretto -

Yummy -


Aemilia Villota said...

WOW, you are an inspiration to skint girls everywhere! <3

Kie Jinn said...

I've joined your group and will also be following this blog. It's a great idea, and definately right up my alley :)

Get posting!

<3 Kie

Teagan Blackthorne said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Creamy Cooljoke said...

Teagan, thank you for your vague comment. I'm actually quite insulted, I started this blog for fun and to help others! I have my own style and I am not deliberatly emulating any other blog. I only became aware that there was also another free blogger (Fabulously Free in SL, which is a lovely blog may I add) after I started mine, there is obviously going to be a slight similarity in theme because we are both blogging free stuff, but our styles are completely different and I try to check we are not blogging the same items, but if I like it I will blog it. Surely there is plenty of room for everyone, there are lots of fashion bloggers out there, a lot of them on a similar theme - it's a free world, there are no rule about this. SL is supposed to be a fun game..why the silly blogging politics?

Creamy Cooljoke said...

Btw readers, this is the link for the Fabulously Free in SL blog, and it's a lot better than mine anyway LOL! and just for Teagan I will try not to use the words 'fab' and 'free' in the same paragraph.

Teagan Blackthorne said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
kristianne matfield said...

Aw, what a bummer that your first foray into the SL blogging world results in drama.

I think your blog is great... I think your style is certainly different from that of the other "free" blogger and it appeals to a different audience. I like the concept of "chic free" that you've started here and will certainly keep an eye on your blog.

But hey, at least you have a readership! I've been blogging for 10 days without comments... ;-)

Creamy Cooljoke said...

Well Teagan, for your information, the use of the words 'fab' and 'free' was purely coincidental, when I wrote my first post I hadn't even read the the blog you are referring to.

Does this mean I shall never be allowed to use the words 'fab' and 'free' at the same time now??? LOL, how silly!

'Mountain' and 'molehill' spring to mind.

Aemilia Villota said...

i think i'm gonna use fab and free in all my blog posts now, just to be obnoxious, mwahahahahahahaha

Aemilia Villota said...

I AM kidding btw... lighten up folks :)

Ana Boogiewoogie said...

Sorry, but.. Unless that blog copyrights the words "Fabfree", they don't own it.

Just to point out the obvious :)

Eisa Loon said...


Blogs at Dawn!!

Love it!!