Friday 18 June 2021

SL18B Shop & Hop - Halcyon Sim - Gift Guide



SL18B Shop and Hop
June 17th to July 6th 
As many of you already know, there is currently celebrations going on in Second Life, as it is 18 years old.

To go along the normal Exhibit and Celebration sims, there is also a Shop & Hop going on. With 18 Shopping Sims, there is around 300+ designers, all with booths that have all their items reduced, as well as a gift.

I might not be able to cover all the sims, but I am going to give it a try!  This was very popular last year, and while Free*Style has been rather dormant, and my focus has been on Second Life Syndicate, I figured this was the best place for something like this.

Today we will be covering the offerings at the Halcyon Sim.

I am going to continue to use good old uber ebil alter ego Helli as our gift model throughout the rest of the gift guides. She did such a good job, and I sort of forgot how cute her avatar was.

As a base, Helli is wearing Hair from Sn@tch,  Head from LeLutka, Body from Maitreya, Skin from WoW Skins, Eyebrows from Finer Threads, and a custom shape.
FreeStyle - SL18B Gifts - Halcyon - 1

Left - Pixicat - Dress - Belleza/Legacy/Maitreya/Slink
Right - Son!a-Edge - Gown - Belleza/Legacy/Maitreya/Slink
Middle -  Kaithleen's - Dress - Belleza/eBody/Legacy/Maitreya

FreeStyle - SL18B Gifts - Halcyon - 2

Top - GA.EG - Eye Pack
Bottom Left - Booty's Beauty - Eyeshadow/Lips
Bottom Middle - This is Wrong - Vitiligo (Face only)
Bottom Right - Booty's Beauty - Eyeshadow/Lips

FreeStyle - SL18B Gifts - Halcyon - Spoiled - Lewdy Apple

Spoiled - Apple/Animations/Poses

FreeStyle - SL18B Gifts - Halcyon - 3

Top Left - MeMoire - Tiny Purse (4 Colours)
Top Right - MeMoire - Backpack
Bottom Left - Belleza/Legacy/Maitreya/Slink
Bottom Right - MeMoire - Belleza/Legacy/Maitreya/Slink - Male Options Included

FreeStyle - SL18B Gifts - Halcyon - 4

Top Left - Clockwork Bird - Animated Ring (Not Bento)
Top Right - Ysoral - Earrings w/Hud
Bottom Left - Maple - Kitty Plushie
Bottom Right -The Mars - Hair Fatpack

FreeStyle - SL18B Gifts - Halcyon - 5

Left - Unholy Duality - Pose Pack
Right - Posable & Mesh - Cake w/Poses

FreeStyle - SL18B Gifts - Halcyon - 7

Top Left - Yeva Succulent
Top Right - Aphrodite - Summer Lavender Set
Bottom - Mirage - Shanghai Shelf

 FreeStyle - SL18B Gifts - Halcyon - 6

Top - - Summer Sea Wall Art
Bottom - Never Totally Dead - Barn w/Hud

Any missed gifts were unintentional, either the booth did not have one at the time I passed through the event, or they just did not have one available, even though it was one of the few mandatory event rules.

Disclaimer - Photos were taken in Ultra, but with minimal or in some cases no shadows enabled. This was to show the products as is.