Friday, 4 September 2020

New Group Gift @ Curvosity

I Stringer

A wonderful, longtime friend of mine decided to make a pose set, which was inspired by a mohawk I had just made for my Inworld Group as a gift.
If you got to Curvosity, you can nab this pose and the mirror. It is a group gift, but the group is currently Free to Join.

I also have my own group, linked above, set to only L$24 for the duration of the 24th edition of Twisted Hunt. The Mohawk I am wearing is not the group gift one(I didn't know until after this shot was already done, she had made it for the other mohawk, haha). This mohawk is on sale tho, you can find it 50% off at the Mystical Market. There are also two L$5 hunt prizes there, if you want to grab even more goodies.