Wednesday, 5 August 2020

Blog News - Scheduled Posts not Going Live

Hi Everyone,

It seems like all my late july posts did not go live at their scheduled times. The only thing I can think that would have cause this is the new blogger interface being activated. I didn't like it, and have Free*Style still running on the old one, until they actually forced the update.

I wont put up all the posts, as most of them aren't relevant anymore, but over the course of today, I will be putting The Wash Cart Sale ones live. Most of those ones still have content that you can get, as we have all day today for the sale still, and even into tomorrow, cause designers don't pick things up right away, in most cases.

Sorry this has happened, it makes it look like I didn't do anything for about 20 days or so, and that was not my intent.

I will have to keep a watch of Scheduled Content better, as both issues this year have happened when I put a bunch of posts up at a time.

Thanks for your patience and readership,

Helena Stringer
Owner of Free*Style