Sunday, 21 October 2012

Merry Christmas!

lol j/k  Halloween is way more awesome than Christmas.  Not as many presents and stuff but yay for spooky things! Even the adorable super cutsie, not spooky, Halloween themed things like I am showing below are awesome.  This dress from G*Field fits SO WELL I was shocked that I didn't even have to wear my mesh-specific shape to fit into it.  More details below, enjoy!
Bare Bones Tests 30_005
Dress: G*Field, free.  Also comes with tights and a headpiece.  You can also get matching boots for only 86L and also select colors of items in the store are 50% off.
Neko Ears w/Bow: Love Soul, mini mania prize.  There is a different mini mania with purple ears as well.
Leopard Print Eye Makeup: Adore&Abhor @ The Resting Place, hunt gift.  See the sign at the opening of the Sn@tch main store for more information on how to do the event.
Hair: Alice Project @ FAIR.  Not free but it's freaking amazing.  Several different parts are able to be colored individually.  Love!