Sunday, 21 October 2012

Evie's Closet

Hello! I've been active in SL (aka not just playing Barbie on Freebie Island) since late 2007, and a fan of Evie Miles' creation probably since early 2008. In the beginning I was fangirling her a lot, but then I got to know her and I am now proud to call her a friend (and fangirling even more!) When something's free at Evie's Closet, you don't hesitate, you run and get it, log in all your alts and get it for them and tell ALL your friends who log their alts and tell their friends who log their... you get the idea. Since you don't want to be the only person on the grid missing the free stuff at Evie's Closet, I strongly advise you to run there ASAP. These are not new creations, so you might already have them, but they've not aged a bit, and are still gorgeous.

Ellora II - Ruby
Originally made for this year's RFL, Ellora is a stunning fantasy gown with an empire waist line. The yummy magenta tones and the wings makes it the perfect outfit for the fae in you.

Credits for Ellora :
Eden - Fall
Eden was an exclusive cheapie for the Gallery Gift Shop last year. It is even more whimsical and faery-like, with lovely autumn colors. It comes with the cute hat, the wings, socks, and slippers (not shown)

 Credits for Eden :

  • Skin : same as above
  • Hair : Break Away, swiss, Exile
  • Eyes : Pearl, clear pond, Poetic Colors
  • Ears : same as above
  • Hands : same as above

Fable - Halloween
I dare you to find in your inventory another piece of clothing that's 2 years old and still looking so good, what with all the new mesh stuff and all. Evie managed to make a gown in 2010 that you don't look at and immediately think it's old. I remembered making a blog post at the time, so if you want to see more pictures, they're here.

Credits for Fable :

  • Skin : Sprout, cocoon 2, Curio
  • Make up : Blackish, Iren
  • Hair : Gemini, kit kat, Lamb
  • Eyes : Pearl, java blast, Poetic Colors
  • Hands : same as above
  • Ears : same as above